Your 2020 Election Master Survival Guide

Shah Gilani Nov 03, 2020

Well, today’s the day. November 3, 2020. Election Day.

Amidst the swirling of COVID spikes and market dips, we’re at the threshold of a critical moment in history.

Every so-called expert is sending mixed messages, from “Everything’s great!” to “Get out NOW,” and it’s extremely difficult to know what exactly is the right thing to do now. Do you stay in the markets? Buy the dip? Take profits and run? Sell puts? It’s almost impossible to hear any sort of real guidance amidst the noise.

But, over the past few months, ever since Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate back in August, we’ve been doing something special here at Total Wealth: The Election Stock Watch.

Covering everything from what to buy if President Trump is reelected, to if Joe Biden enters the White House once again, only this time as President, the Election Stock Watch has been a hub that I’ve devised to help you make the best possible decisions with your money right now.

And today, one of the most important days this year, possibly in the last decade or so, I’ve compiled it all in one big 2020 Election Master Survival Guide.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Election Survival Guide #1: Profiting in a Post-Election Market

I’ve talked to you several times over the last few months, and below, you’ll find a brief synopsis of each and their respective links.

First off, we have Election Trading and Investment Opportunities.

In this piece, I covered how to be on the right side of all the opportunities ahead of us, because doing so will truly be life-changing.

The 2020 election is going to change all our lives, and not just because it will determine who the President is going to be, or how divided or united Congress is going to be. Whatever the outcome is, there are going to be huge winners and losers in the economy and the stock market.

And while it matters who wins and who loses, to a lot of Americans, what matters to me is what’s going to change and how to position ourselves as traders and investors to make money from what will and won’t change, depending on the outcome of the election.

Click here to see what the outcomes could be and how markets and sectors will move initially and longer-term.

Election Survival Guide #2: Three Stocks to Buy if Biden Wins

This article focused on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s seconding the nomination for Bernie Sanders back at the end of August at the 2020 virtual Democratic National Convention. Yeah, you read that right – Sanders, not Biden. And while the fiery AOC’s choice to talk about Bernie rather than Joe is an entirely separate discussion, there are still three clear stocks that you should consider going for if the White House and Congress are Democrat-controlled again.

I’ll give you a hint for the first one – it ties in with the Green New Deal, a frontal assault on traditional energy and power resources. It’s all about clean energy, and transitioning the country and the world over to “green” power sources.

You can get that stock pick if Biden wins, along with two others, by clicking here.

Election Survival Guide #3: Three Stocks to Buy if Trump Wins

The polls and the pundits had it all wrong in 2016. They said Donald Trump had no chance of winning the election, and if he did, the stock market would crash… So much for polls and pundits.

Investors are wondering if stocks will keep rising if President Trump wins – and I have three of the top ones for you here.

Election Survival Guide #4: The Dangers and Opportunities of a Contested Election

Market analysts almost always use history as a guide when calculating likely stock market moves, especially when it comes to elections. This year’s no exception. But, of all the historical references and metrics being incorporated this time around, there’s really only one that matters.

This election may very well be “contested,” and only one other presidential election in modern era has been contested, and we know what the market did then.

Here’s what the market did last time the country waited to find out who their next president was going to be – and how you can profit while riding out the storm.

Click here to read the article.

Election Survival Guide #5: Untangling Negative Narratives

Most, if not all, investors are worried nowadays, and with good reason. They’re worried about negative news stories tanking the stock market, virus spikes and more shutdowns, companies laying off workers and their earnings faltering, and perhaps most of all, what a contested election will do to the market.

And the truth is, those are all valid fears.

But if you ask me, I’m not that worried, and for good reason. There is always another side to the coin, to every negative story.

And being able to see the good through the bad could be the difference between making or breaking your wallet.

Read up on the other side of the bad news here.

Election Survival Guide #6: There Might Be Trouble Ahead, but The Grass is Still Green if You Know Where to Look

In my sixth survival guide, I mention how trouble could be brewing as the election season comes to and end, but there are still things to be optimistic about.

It may sound ominous, but in this piece I highlight the greener grass of the stock market right now. However, regardless of the positivity, you still have to exercise the utmost caution during these trying times.

Here’s the best way to do so.

Election Survival Guide #7: A Lot Could Go Wrong with the Election, but Here’s How to Come Out on Top

Just when you thought political division in the U.S. couldn’t get any worse, 2020 has shown it can. And just when you thought the stock market was holding up, it can flip on a dime.

Not only will the Presidential election likely be contested, Congressional candidates for seats in the House and Senate are likely to contest ballot counts in many of those races.

The discord, to be politically polite, is slicing and dicing stocks across all industries.

There’s a lot to cover in this issue, from what can and likely will go wrong, to how the next President might be chosen – and by whom and when.

But most importantly, the stock market might keep puking, and you’re going to want to be set up to make money as stuff hits the fan next week.

Here’s everything that can go wrong with the election… and how you can make money no matter what happens.

Election Survival Guide #8:

Finally, we have your most recent Capital Wave Forecast, If Markets Don’t Rally This Week, It’s Going to Get Ugly.

Talk about ugly; last week was “fugly.”

Surging COVID spikes across Europe caused closedowns and some lockdowns.

The U.S. registered almost 100,000 new COVID cases on Friday, bringing the total number of infected Americans to more than 9,000,000.

Are we headed where Europe’s going, again?

It’s hard to say, but it’s scary. There’s a lot of scary stuff happening this week, and now more than ever is time to be cautious.

Here’s what’s going down this week, what’s going down in the next few weeks, and what you can do to make some cash no matter what happens

BONUS: These Stocks Are Still “Screaming Buys,” No Matter Who Takes the White House

I hope you’ve found this Master Survival Guide helpful. Heaven knows we need it.

But one thing I want to stress the importance of is to not let the insanity of the markets, media, and news scare you. We’ve weathered worse, and we’ve come out stronger than before.

Take some time and rest this week. Maybe turn off the TV for a bit or log out of social media accounts.

But while you’re taking a break, there are still some ways you can make money, no matter what happens this week, next week, or in the next few weeks.

I’ve put together something special for you – a full list of stocks that I think are crystal-clear buys and sells, regardless of what the market looks like today, tomorrow, or six months from now. And yes, that’s including contested elections, or not, virus spikes, or not, and more volatility, or not.

Click here to get the full, uncensored list.

Be careful out there. I’ll be back with you soon.



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