My Thoughts on This Week – And How We’re Positioned Going Forward

Shah Gilani Jan 08, 2021

The political beat isn’t my thing, but democracy and making money are right up my alley.

That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address what happened at and in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

I’m sticking to the middle of the road here and focusing more on what will happen now that the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats, the Presidential inauguration is right around the corner, and we’re on the brink of what we hope to be a prosperous new year.

Here are my thoughts…

Compromise Isn’t About Winning or Losing

It’s too easy and far too commonplace these days for people to take sides and completely disavow what anyone on the other side of their “righteous” stance might think or say.

That’s got to stop. Democracy isn’t achieved, nor is it sustainable, just by majority control any more than being “right” is just about the number of people who agree with you.

Democracy is about compromise. It works when what’s good for the majority is fashioned by thoughtful compromise, so minorities aren’t disenfranchised, because when good policies prevail all boats rise with the tide.

Now, let’s move forward.

New Year, New Stocks to Buy

As far as making money, the lamp’s been rubbed and the genie’s out.

With the Senate split 50-50 and ties to be decided by Vice President Kamala Harris, both legislative houses and the executive branch are controlled by Democrats.

Equity markets liked the prospect of a Democrat in the White House and a divided legislature, if that’s what we were going to get. Now we know, because we see, equity markets like a Democrat majority across the board even more.

Why? More stimulus, more spending, more money in circulation, more ammunition about to be fired into the economy, pocketbooks, consumption and production, and earnings and profits.

Just the prospects of some of that ammunition being amassed is lifting stocks across the board, and it’s lifting interest rates too.

Next week, I’ll tell you where the money’s going to go, and which sectors are headed higher.

And, yes, I’ll be calling out stocks to buy, so stay tuned…

But for now, as we close out the first week of the New Year, I have a list of every single stock I think is either a screaming buy for 2021 or one of the worst things you can do for your money. Because even though I’ll drop specific stocks for our current situation as new things come and go, there are some foundational plays for you to check out, no matter what the market’s doing.

Best part? You can get the whole list, tickers, buy-up-to prices and all, totally free.

I go through it all pretty quickly though, so download and print out this easy checklist. It’ll keep you on track for which stocks are golden and which are destined for the trash.

Click here to get the details.


Shah Gilani

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