Monday Watchlist: EVs are Hot… And I’ve Got the Plays to Match

Shah Gilani Apr 26, 2021

Now that the markets have opened, it’s more important than ever that you see this.

You’ve had some time to go through the Weekly Watchlist I sent yesterday – which you can still see by clicking here. Today, I’m taking a deep dive into EVS and the plays that could make it big this week.

So, grab a pen and paper. You might want to write these down.

Just click on the video below to get all the details…


On Tuesday, I’ll be back in your inbox with a new options trade, so stay tuned.

On another note, you may have noticed that the BS.H didn’t get to you last week. My editorial staff encountered some serious technical issues last Friday and weren’t able to get it out.

I apologize for the delay – but I have a feeling the wait will be well worth it. Just click on the link below to check it out.


I only covered a few stocks that day because so many of you were asking about the same set of stocks, so I let majority rule this time. If I didn’t get to cover the stocks you’re curious about in this video, please drop me a line at!

Until next time,


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