Buy the Entire Stock Market with Just $100

Shah Gilani Jul 13, 2021

A few weeks back, I welcomed you into the Fractional Shares Revolution, giving seven historically bank-breaking stock picks that you can invest in for the same price as a gallon of gas, or even less.

Today, I’ve got another wealth-building opportunity for you to take to the bank that’ll only cost you $100… or $50… or maybe even $20 or less.

Whatever money you can spare to invest in yourself right now, you can use it to buy the entire stock market – forget that $4,000 price tag.

How? Well I’ll show you in today’s video.

Grab a pen and paper and click the video below to start.



4 replies on “Buy the Entire Stock Market with Just $100”

  1. Magnolia says:

    Hello sir, i tried to buy the “whole” stock market with 100 and Fidelity did not allow me. It says it did not recognized. That was a wonderful idea though.

  2. Joseph J McCarthy says:

    What is the symbol for the entire stock market?

    1. Mary Heinz says:

      SPY is the ticker symbol for the S&P 500, which is what Shah is talking about in this video.

  3. Pamela A Rippy says:

    How dare is it to trust others in a stock venture? I am very interested.

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