Go Against the Grain to Reap Double the Gains with this 39 Cent Play

Shah Gilani Sep 28, 2021

With inflation higher than J. Powell expected, the Fed’s tapering soon coming to an end, and an interest rate hike on the horizon, Wall Street investors are placing bets on the markets – but they’re putting their money in all the wrong places.

The simple way to play this is to short treasuries. That’s what they’re doing. But the profits, too, will be “simple.”

Instead you should be looking at the same play, but in reverse – supercharging your investment.

Give the video below a watch to learn all about this week’s opportunity.

Now, in case you weren’t able to catch it in the video, I’ve provided the details about this play below.

TBT December 17, 2021 $20 Call (TBT211217C00020000)

Go get ’em,


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