The Markets Have Beaten Down this Retailer – BUY IT

Shah Gilani Sep 21, 2021

The DOW and S&P 500 are down – dragging many stocks down with them – but that’s no reason for you to be concerned.

Oh no. I say let the bottom fishing begin.

There are loads of bruised and beaten stocks that could POP once the sell-off reverses, and this one rises above the rest with off the chart financials.

Buy it now before sellers change their minds.

Click the video below and learn more.




2 replies on “The Markets Have Beaten Down this Retailer – BUY IT”

  1. Michael N says:

    I was in BBB IN WESTCHESTER NY and shelves were completely empty in sections of the store. They were out of simple things I needed such as bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies and small appliances.
    The point is I am concerned about their supply chain.

  2. Pauline E Simmons says:

    Hi Shah, thank you for all your great recommendations.
    You recommended CODX on Aug. 20. An $11.00 call Jan.21, 2022 expiration.
    This stock has been down lately…do you think it will come back to your target of 100% profit.

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