2 New Chip Factories in Arizona Put this Company 10 Steps Ahead of American’s Next Major Spend

Shah Gilani Oct 19, 2021

If you’ve read the news recently, you know that China is unwinding.

On top of the worsening Evergrande situation, President Xi Jinping has been cracking down on Chinese tech companies utilized by the U.S., which would be bad news for companies reliant on Chinese and Taiwanese semiconductors.

As I mentioned yesterday, semiconductor demand is rising and it won’t stop any time soon. The resulting shortage has created lengthy backlogs for all electronics manufacturers. But for us it’s laid the foundations for a tech stock boom for companies capable of getting around supply chain snarls.

And today’s company does just that. It is trailblazing the U.S.’s path to the repatriation of chip factories, profiting the whole way.

There is no better place to invest your $100, so…

Click the video below to grab your latest play.


If you didn’t catch it in my video, here’s today’s play:

Buy Intel Corp (Nasdaq:INTC) and, based on your purchase price, place a 10% stop so you can rest easy.

As I said in my video, what’s happening in China could get ugly. Uglier than it already is. So, be on the lookout for Thursday’s piece. It’ll hit your inboxes before opening bell, loaded with new plays to help you ride out the storm.

Stay tuned for that. Until then, if you have any energy or Chinese stocks you’d like me to feature in this week’s BS.H, please drop me a line. You can reach my staff and I at shah@totalwealthresearch.com.



3 replies on “2 New Chip Factories in Arizona Put this Company 10 Steps Ahead of American’s Next Major Spend”

  1. Rebecca Freeman says:

    I just want to thank Shah for always being so upbeat and positive in these short videos. The knowledge he has is amazing. I enjoy the tips of what to buy or pass on. I am a fan girl for sure!

  2. Carolyn Fisher says:

    I like your upbeat attitude!

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