The Clean Energy Company Fueling Amazon’s Delivery Fleet Makes Another Move

Shah Gilani Oct 29, 2021

As investors go crawling back to oil and gas to ride out the energy crisis, they’re neglecting a key player in the clean energy space that’s collaborating with Amazon to create an environmentally friendly delivery fleet.

After its initial 66% run-up in February, this company has traded back down to a bargain deal for a company with such strong prospects and financials. I fully expect another run with this stock, so…

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And here’s something else you don’t want to miss out on: the holiday shopping season.

With supply chain snarls and labor shortages across the board, it will be a volatile, divisive season that will separate the winners and losers of retail – potentially shuttering some companies for good.

That’s why I’ve put together a who’s-who of the retail industry, stocks to buy, and stocks to avoid with a 10-foot pole. I’ve got four of them that you can read all about by clicking here, but I’ve got six more that I’ll be discussing live at 2:00 pm EST.

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