Here’s How to Play the Brand-New Car Company Beating Ford Motors at Its Own Game

Shah Gilani Nov 12, 2021

In the two days it has been on the markets, this new car company’s stock has grown well over $100 a share.

The company itself? Well, it’s been given a market cap of $121 billion. That is almost double the value of vehicle manufacture veteran Ford Motors, and Ford’s been on the markets since 1984.

Right out the gate, this company has climbed higher in two days than Ford could in 37 years, but I don’t want you to jump in on this trend blindly.

Its prices are too fluffed up for my liking, especially since this new car company hasn’t even produced any cars. But if you use the play that I’m giving you today, you could reap incredible profits regardless.

Click the video below to learn more, and grab a few extra plays while you’re at it.


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3 replies on “Here’s How to Play the Brand-New Car Company Beating Ford Motors at Its Own Game”

  1. Kharage Stanovi says:

    I have been avoiding your email until today Saturday 12november 2021. Because there are a lot of scams out there frightening me off. You sound to be a real one. From now on I’ll follow you and try to implement your advises. I have questions that I would like to ask you about. Can you send me your contact details (Telephone) so that I can call you and seek your views, please!?

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  2. Daniel Ambrosino says:

    Rivian larger than Gm and F put together?

  3. amul rupani says:

    like your videos and comments

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