Invest in the Metaverse, Not Meta

Shah Gilani Nov 09, 2021

Facebook, or should I say Meta Platforms Inc (Nasdaq: FB), hasn’t been shy these last few weeks.

After the Wall Street Journal released “The Facebook Files” and threw FB into another scandal, a rebrand and a new tech trend were just what this company needed to have a fresh start on the markets.

Droves of investors bought in, but they are blind to an even better opportunity that metaverse presents.

Virtual reality is on the horizon. It just hasn’t been built yet, and it will be the companies constructing the metaverse that will be the real winners. In today’s video, I’m giving you details about one such company.

Just click the video below to get this latest recommendation.


Again, that’s NVIDIA Corp (Nasdaq: NVDA). Grab $100 worth of fractional shares today.

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One reply on “Invest in the Metaverse, Not Meta

  1. Fanny Liao says:

    I totally agree with you. I bought NVDA in 2016. I am very blessed.
    Thanks for your video.

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