Rumored Amazon Acquisition Shakes Markets and We’ll Ride the After Shocks

Shah Gilani Feb 08, 2022

Interesting rumors hit the markets this weekend. Pelaton Interactive Inc (Nasdaq: PTON), the fitness tech company made infamous during the pandemic, may be picking out a buyer over the next few weeks. Story goes, Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL), Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN), and NIKE Inc (NYSE: NKE) may be on the short list.

True or not, the very idea drove shares of PTON through the roof – I’m talking a whopping 31%. But you know what they say: what goes up, must come down…

And we’re going to catch it as it falls.

To grab today’s stock play, click the video below to watch or read Shah’s instructions.


Here’s today’s play. This one is two steps, you follow these instructions closely.

  1. Buy $50 worth of PTON shares at market price today.
  2. Wait until PTON announces earnings at 5:00 pm EST. If the stock drops due to low earnings, buy another $50 worth of PTON.

Like I said in the video, this could be like catching a falling knife, so be careful out there.


Shah Gilani

5 replies on “Rumored Amazon Acquisition Shakes Markets and We’ll Ride the After Shocks”

  1. Christopher Vallas says:

    Should I buy SSSS stock today is it good stock

    1. Mary Heinz says:

      Thank you for your submission! Your query has been forwarded to Shah and may be answered in Friday’s Buy, Sell, or Hold video. Stay tuned.

  2. Larry Starnes says:

    The last two days I have been unable to activate the video. It simply goes to the article when I tap it. Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. Mary Heinz says:

      Hi Larry! Embedding the video in Total Wealth emails isn’t possible at this time due to the video hosting service we use. In order to watch the video, you need to be on our website. This is why tapping the video in a Total Wealth email redirects to the same article on the website. There, the video is properly embedded and will play when tapped.

      Does this help answer your question? Or are you having issues playing our videos on the website?

  3. Robert Pelletier says:


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