What ARKK’s Rally Means for These Four Stocks

Shah Gilani Aug 12, 2022

Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, was once famous for her almost supernatural ability to find “innovators” in the tech industry that weren’t just blowing smoke and selling dreams.

Tesla, Zoom, Shopify, Coinbase… Each revolutionized their corner on the tech space and launched the value of Cathie’s flagship ARKK Innovation ETF (ARKK) to the moon. In just 12 months, from the very bottom of the COVID pit to the peak of early 2021, ARKK climbed 320%…

Just to dive off into the abyss.

And it hasn’t recovered. Not by a long shot.

Sure, we’ve seen a nice bear market ally for ARKK after it bounced of its 52-week low of $35.14. But I wouldn’t trust it.

To learn more, click the video below.

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