Buy These Five Stocks Now… and Ditch These Five Losers

Markets have been trending downward again this week, after a sudden turnaround in sentiment from just two weeks ago. These shifts are happening because of competing narratives that are prominent in the media and are trapping big market-maker dealers in alternating waves of push-pull action.

Trying to follow those storylines is a good way to get lost, but it’s definitely not a good way to trade the markets. In my most recent Total Wealth article, I explain what to do instead, and I also talked about it on this week’s episode of my live show.

We also kicked off Buy This, Not That with a look at ten stocks that are routinely seeing extremely high trading volumes. Some of these household names are real stinkers right now, and a lot of people own them, so make sure you check out the video in case you need to ditch ’em fast.

To see the broadcast, just click the image below:

We’ll catch you next week with another episode. See you then!

Shah Gilani

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Shah Gilani