Your Post-Fed Survival Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Shah Gilani May 04, 2023

Bottom line: I think the market is headed for a lot of pain.

We got the 25 basis point hike I was expecting. But we also got something along with it that institutional investors definitely did not want to hear, which is a direct statement from Jerome Powell that the Federal Reserve is not considering a pause or any cuts at this time.

Well, naturally, markets fell yesterday on that news. Today, major indices are struggling and continuing to lag intraday.

If we’re going to see a big move in either direction, it’ll come on the heels of Apple Inc (AAPL) reporting earnings this afternoon. If the numbers and forward guidance look bad and the stock takes a hit going into tomorrow morning’s trading, we’re in for a real rough ride.

But even if the news is good and we get a quick pop, the reality check is coming. It’s just a matter of time. Higher rates for longer means that the problems we’ve seen in the banking sector are going to compound, which means that as cheap as a lot of those stocks looks now, it’s still not time to get in. They could go a lot lower and drag markets down with them.

More broadly, everyone that’s been trying to front-run the Fed and catch a rally on a rate reversal is eventually going to realize that there’s no point, because we’re a year out from anything like that unless some extreme crisis happens. And they’ll react accordingly. So that lovely run up we’ve seen in big-cap tech? Yeah, kiss it goodbye. It’s probably done.

That said, anyone who’s been following me for a long time knows that I’m not scared. If you’re careful and nimble, you can make money in any market, and there are tons of opportunities out there.

Today on my live show, instead of going over specific stocks to buy or sell, I wanted to give you a core strategy to not just survive, but thrive, as we head into these rough waters.

Check out this video for everything you need to know:

I’ll say it again – there are a ton of opportunities right now to make money even when things are going sideways, and even when things are crashing. I have a strategy designed to capitalize on stocks that are getting hammered by market shifts like what we’re seeing now, playing them over and over again to maximize our potential gains.

You definitely want to be with us when this reality check I’ve been talking about finally hits. Go here for all the details.

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