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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 18, 2019
    Three Ways to Play the Saudi Situation

    The Dow is off 160 points as I write Monday on fears that higher oil prices will stunt global growth. Right. The real reason is something far more basic. Let's talk about that today and how you can profit. Here's what you need to know. Let's start with oil itself. The world has been waiting with bated breath for Aramco's public offering. Not only could taking the state-owned

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2019
    3 Sectors Poised for Big Profits (Even If There IS a Recession)

    Millions of investors are focused on the past right now. That's a huge disadvantage because it's the future that matters - both in terms of how we live our lives and how we make our money. Especially when it comes to how they view current headlines. I don't blame 'em, though. They've been brainwashed to believe that life moves because of what's already happened. So they see the financial markets the same way and, not surprisingly, get stuck in a rut. That's too bad, especially right now. I say that because every single "risk" is really an "opportunity" in disguise.

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    Key Takeaways

    1. We follow Unstoppable Trends - industries backed by trillions of dollars, that produce Must-Have products.
    2. Three sectors, specifically, are poised for big gains, and I'm watching them closely.
    3. These sectors are poised for gains IF there's a recession, IF there's a leg lower...or IF we get a rally. That's the beauty of the Unstoppable Trends.
    Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2019
    Weekend Edition: Protect Your Portfolio AND Profit

    First there was China, then politics, then rates... a trifecta of sorts at best or even a perfect storm depending on your perspective.It looks like the markets are going to take us for a wild ride - but we aren't worried. As long as you follow this advice, you'll be looking at potential profits no matter what. [bc_video video_id="6079284535001" account_id="4250799609001" player_id="hpkprVYKS6" embed="in-page" padding_top="56%" autoplay="" min_width="0px" max_width="640px" mute="" width="100%" height="100%" ]

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 26, 2019
    The China Trade Tensions Have Progressed – And Not the Way You Thought It Would

    We're moving forward with China, but not the way you might expect. We've made potential deals with France, India, England, and Germany - and China is starting to worry that we don't need them as much as they think we do. Keith Fitz-Gerald lays out exactly what to expect with China, the stock markets, and the trade tensions in these new developments.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 24, 2019
    If Hong Kong Spirals Out of Control, We Could Take a Massive Financial Hit

    I can't help but be shaken by what's happening in Hong Kong, even though U.S. markets have largely shaken off the rioting, chaos, and police action there so far. You see, I recall Tiananmen Square in 1989 vividly and fear that Beijing may be approaching another Tiananmen Square moment. A 2.0 situation really. Westerners believe that Beijing won't risk the reputational hit that goes with armed intervention, but I beg to differ. Nobody thought that in 1989 when protestors took over Tiananmen Square either. Beijing's calculus is different for reasons I noted on Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. this past Wednesday during a special phone interview. Worse, Beijing may prefer violence to the perception of political weakness or territorial rights. Very few people understand what I am about to tell you... and that's why it's absolutely crucial that you pay attention or risk being on the wrong side an opportunity lurking unseen below the surface.

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    Key Takeaways
    1. Beijing's calculus is different when it comes to "solving" Hong Kong
    2. US markets have shaken off the unrest so far but this one thing could change that instantly which is why savvy investors should prepare ahead of time.
    3. Chaos always creates opportunity (and here are two great ways to play it).
    Until next time, Keith

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2019
    Weekend Edition: If Hong Kong Spirals Out of Control, We Could Take a Massive Financial Hit

    U.S. markets have shaken off what's happened in Hong Kong, but that may not be the case for long. These riots may impact your money closer to home, but there's an easy way to keep your money safe - and keep buying for maximum profit potential. [bc_video video_id="6075897407001" account_id="4250799609001" player_id="hpkprVYKS6" embed="in-page" padding_top="56%" autoplay="" min_width="0px" max_width="640px" mute="" width="100%" height="100%" ]

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 21, 2019
    China risks Tiananmen 2.0 if Hong Kong worsens

    Keith joined Varney & Co to discuss why China's stance in Hong Kong suggests that nation could be dangerously close to Tiananmen 2.0 and what the impact will be on US markets ahead.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 21, 2019
    Antitrust and Big Tech – What to Buy, When, and Why

    I can only shake my head. Government regulators and the attorney generals ("AGs") from more than a dozen states are apparently circling big-tech like a pack of wild dogs circles their prey according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Only it's the regulators and AGs who will go hungry. Yesterday's antitrust regulation cannot be used to rein in big-tech. Here's how to invest and

  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 21, 2019
    Big Tech Comes Under Pressure

    Keith went on Cavuto yesterday with a message to investors: Chaos creates opportunity.

    Big tech is coming under pressure, and the state governments are getting involved. The current laws, as written, don't apply here, and the government is going to have to prove harm to consumers to move forward, which is why states are getting involved.

    The chaos created by the headlines are going to create knee-jerk reactions, drive the market lower, and give you the perfect opportunity to buy.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 14, 2019
    The Last Time Bonds Did This … Stocks Rallied

    It's panic stations for many investors this morning now that the yield curve has inverted - meaning short-term rates are higher than long term rates. The problem is that much of what you're hearing is flat-out wrong and, potentially very dangerous for your money. Here's the thing. The relationship between short-term interest rates has changed over time and, for that matter, continues to

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 09, 2019
    5 Reasons Why the Dow REALLY Fell 760 points (And What to Do Next)

    Monday's hair-raising 760-point Dow caught a lot of investors by surprise. I got asked, "Why is this happening??!!" more than once, via email, text, and in person. Surprisingly, there's a very simple explanation. Five actually. They're just not what you think. Here's what most investors are missing. First, believe it or not, headlines have nothing to do with the decline. Rather,

  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 24, 2019
    Why Some Earnings Are Rallying, While Others Are Falling Flat

    Earnings reports are starting to roll in, and Keith Fitz-Gerald's ready. On Varney & Co. Monday morning, Keith went into details:

    "I think [tech earnings are] going to be very, very strong, much stronger than many people expect. Now, arguably, the bar is pretty low to begin with, but that doesn't change the fact that these companies are doing very innovative things, changing the world we live in. And I think that is worth a lot of money to savvy investors."

    Earnings are all about two things: outlook and expectations. He's repeatedly called out doom and gloomers, counseling that earnings will - yet again - be stronger than expected, giving the companies that come out on top a favorable boost.

    Keith then had a chance to talk about a few other things, which ranged from China to Disney to Equifax.

    On China, Keith started off by talking about the rising dissention in China, and, more importantly, what it means for Chinese negotiations. Is it part of the trade negotiations? Keith weighs in.

    From there, the discussion turned to The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS), and how their streaming service is stacking up to Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime. Disney has an edge over the competition, and Keith is revealing why libraries and content will come out on top compared to services that are simply providers.

    This edge puts Disney in the running as an Unstoppable Trend - Technology - and it's a Buy at $141.04. Alternatively, Keith says you can wait until the next correction and jump in then.

    Next, the conversation turned to Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX), which may have to pay as much as $700 million in fines due to a data breach - and Keith thinks they're getting off easy.

    "I think there should have been criminal charges; they have involuntarily made all of us customers and, and they are reaping the benefits from that," he explained on air. "I think to allow them to settle is a mistake. There should have been depositions, they should have thrown a harsh light on how the business works into the spotlight."

    The Equifax settlement stinks because it highlights one of the unseen risks of technology, where consumers ARE the product, whether they like it or not.

    Of course, Technology is still one of the Unstoppable Trends, and that's why the sector is ripe with must-have companies - Equifax aside. Look at Visa Inc. (NYSE:V), Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN), and Google's Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOGL) - these are all companies that are revolutionizing the world.

    Before signing off, Keith made sure to touch on Chevrolet. The company is releasing their new Corvette C8, and Keith called it "Harley Davidson Inc. (NYSE:HOG) on four wheels," which is far from a compliment.

    The reality is that the Corvette is an iconic brand, and one that caters to a specific market of people. Corvette buyers are dying out and people aren't flocking from Porsche, Ferrari, and Jaguars to buy the newest 'Vette. The company can't adapt, and it's hurting their bottom line.

    Keith's advice? Don't buy automakers - buy the technology that's driving them. He's talking about the companies that are developing the newest AI software, digital sensors, and the like - just follow the Unstoppable Trends.

    If you don't know where to start, Keith's got you covered. He recommends the companies backed by the six Unstoppable Trends in his sister research service, Money Map Report, which you can sign up for today - and start receiving weekly alerts, monthly reports with two recommendations per month. Click here for more details.

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    Until next time, The Total Wealth Research Team

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jul 19, 2019
    The Best Two “Buys” if There’s Another Correction

    Millions of investors make a very fundamental mistake in the pursuit of bigger returns. They chase "hot stocks" when getting ahead of them is almost always a far better and far more profitable way to go. I know that sounds obvious... but hear me out. If you're of a certain vintage like I am, chances are good that you grew up with the notion that waiting for pullbacks would give you an

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jul 12, 2019
    How to Predict the Market’s Next Move (And Line Up Big Profits at The Same Time)

    People ask me frequently how I can confidently and accurately predict the markets, especially when they're at new highs and fears of a correction run rampant. And, my answer is always the same. I don't predict anything. I simply know something most investors don't. And, today I'm going to let you in on the secret. Millions of investors have been taught that you can't predict the

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 26, 2019
    Five with Fitz: Questions (and Answers) that Could Drive Big Profits

    Good morning from Eastern Washington where I'm on the road doing a little research into the latest scientific advances in agriculture, watering technology, and even fertilizer. I'll have more on those things in the weeks ahead, but more immediately, I thought we'd dive into the mailbag. As always, the questions you're asking are spot on. Q - What's next with China? Is there really going

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