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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 26, 2015
    Your Three Total Wealth Tactics to Play Any IPO

    Fitness device phenomenon Fitbit Inc. (NYSE:FIT) IPOed last week and promptly shot up nearly 50% on its first day of trading, causing a media frenzy that excited a lot of investors. Still more were left lamenting the fact that they weren’t along for the ride.

    Trust me… you don’t want to be.

    The Fitbit IPO highlights everything wrong with Wall Street today. Worse, it’s set up to make you fail while insiders get rich. That’s why rushing out to buy shares is the very last thing you want to do when a stock like this begins trading.

    Still, not all IPOs are bad news.

    As you might imagine, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Then, we’re going to cover the Total Wealth tactics that can help you play future IPOs far more profitably.

    Here’s what you need to know about today’s IPO culture so you don’t get burned.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 17, 2015
    The Last Time We Saw This Setup It Gave You the Opportunity For 245% Gains

    There’s a lot being written about Greece right now. It’s scary, it’s problematic and, for the most part, almost totally unusable for the average investor.

    That’s completely unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.

    So I thought we’d take a good hard look at what you actually need to know, then move on to three Total Wealth Tactics that can help you capitalize on the situation. And I don’t just mean by single digits, either.

    The last time we saw this crisis-driven setup, savvy investors who followed along had the opportunity to take home returns of at least 245% by jumping a stock that would thrive under the circumstances.

    Here’s what you really need to know.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 12, 2015
    What You Really Need to Know to Play Rising Rates (and Win)

    Millions of investors are understandably flummoxed by the prospect of rising rates, and with good reason – it’s something that they’ve never had to contend with because interest rates have been on a one way trip down since 1981 when they peaked above 15%.

    Naturally, Wall Street’s hype machine is in full gear and the headlines are terrifying. For every one telling you this isn’t a big deal there are 10 telling you it’s the end of the
    financial universe as you know it.

    Worse, they’ll have you believe that you’re some kind of moron to own bonds at the moment.

    Neither one of these things is true. In fact, bonds are more relevant than ever.

    Today we’re going to talk about why and what you need to know to successfully profit when Team Yellen finally makes its move. And, as usual, I’m going to give you three actionable steps you can take immediately as well as two specific recommendations that can help protect your money and profit even as others are left crying in their coupons.

    Here’s why bonds matter more than ever.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 10, 2015
    The One Financial Opinion You Should Trust Above All Others

    One of our favorite recommendations was hit with a vicious “short and distort” attack last week that caused no end of discussion in the Total Wealth Family. Comments, emails, and phone calls flew all day long, as you might imagine.

    Yet one observation stood out above all others.

    Today I’d like to talk about why ,and what it suggests about the courage, conviction, and perspective held by the person who posted it. It’s a trait every successful investor shares, and one that’s vitally important to building Total Wealth.

    Bob, this one’s for you.

    This is the financial opinion you should trust above all others.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 27, 2015
    Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Invest Like Warren Buffett

    Many “experts” say that they can help you invest like the legendary Warren Buffett. Most, unfortunately, have no clue how he actually does it.

    Even those few who do understand his deep-value investing style are holding something back from you. They’ll tell you how you can invest like Warren Buffett while omitting a key detail:

    You shouldn’t try to.

    I know that’s heresy in an era when the Oracle of Omaha is rightfully lauded as one of the world’s greatest, but simply mirroring what he does will not get you where you want to go. Chances are, it won’t produce the returns he gets either.

    Here are three reasons you shouldn’t try to invest like Warren Buffett.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 22, 2015
    Why Shake Shack Is a Bad Investment

    Millions of investors and everyday Americans have discovered Shake Shack’s high-end hamburgers. They taste great, and the new chain is a snazzy place to hang out.

    Logically, they assume that the novel experience will translate into a great investment. Indeed, SHAK gained 8.47% in yesterday’s trading session to close near $90 (an all-time high), thanks in part to headlines from this week like these:

    Is Shake Shack The New Chipotle? – Yahoo! Finance

    Shake Shack Is Considering a Chik-Fil-A Killer – Business Insider

    Shake Shack Continues to Defy Gravity, Surges to Fresh All-Time Highs –

    My favorite piece of punditry this week came from CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who dubbed Shake Shack “the Tesla of burgers.”

    Nonsense – sure both stocks are volatile, but TSLA investors can be glad the similarities stop there.

    Recent investing history has been very clear about the ultimate fates for companies like Shake Shack – and investors should pay attention. There are undeniable parallels between Shake Shack and another infamous stock story in investing circles.

    Here’s why investors would be wise to avoid Wall Street’s new darling.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 20, 2015
    Your Best Way to Profit from the Narrowest Market in 20 Years

    If you’ve been frustrated by the markets lately, I’ve got some good news for you. You’re not alone – and more importantly, you’re not imagining things.

    But there’s a good reason for the confusion – the markets are demonstrating behavior that’s so rare that we’ve only seen conditions like these six times in the last 20 years.

    For most people, what happens next is going to be a bust. Yet, for a precious few – you included – it can be a bonanza.

    Today I want to give you a look at the conditions I’m describing. Not one investor in 100,000 understands the perspective I’m going to share with you. Let alone what to do about it.

    Then we’re going to talk about what all this means, how it affects your money and, of course, what you can do about it. As usual, I’ve got three specific Total Wealth Tactics you can put to use immediately to maximize profits, minimize risk, and give you an edge.

    Here’s what millions of investors are missing…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 08, 2015
    Get Your Tactics Ready to Profit from This Supreme Healthcare Event

    Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is one of the biggest single wealth creation opportunities of the next 50 years. But you can’t just pile in like many investors have. That’s a recipe for disaster.

    The biggest profits will belong – like they always do – to those who make a “smart entry.”

    Fortunately, this isn’t difficult. The entire sector is tailor-made for one of our favorite Total Wealth Tactics – the lowball order.

    We’ve talked about this before as a means of maximizing profits when I brought it to your attention ahead of what I (correctly) anticipated would be an oil selloff resulting from the Saudi government’s ill-advised decision to fire the first shot in the oil-pricing war last fall.

    At the time I recommended you pick up shares of Halliburton Co. (NYSE: HAL) at a discount. Then, two months later, I suggested you use it again to buy shares of Williams Co. Inc. (NYSE:WMB).  It’s already returned more than 16%, while the S&P 500 has seen gains of just 3.06% over the same time frame.

    Now I’m seeing the same set up in healthcare. Only this time, it’s our own government that’s going to shake things up and create the profit-maximizing discounts we know lead to huge profit potential.

    It could throw 1/6 of the world’s largest economy into chaos.

    As an investor, you’ll absolutely want to be ready for what happens next.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 06, 2015
    Q: “What is the best financial advice you can give?”

    I’m asked frequently for the “best financial advice” I can give to investors. Most of the time the queries come from more investors who are concerned they may be getting a late start. But lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people still in their twenties and even teens.

    Desperate to get ahead and avoid the kinds of losses that their parents have experienced over the past 15 years, millions of millennials are looking for information they can trust. Many fear that financial security is beyond their reach.

    If you’re one of them, this is for you (and your parents).

    If you’re older, what I am about to say applies… just a lot more urgently. So don’t delay even a day in putting the information I’m going to share with you to work.

    No matter whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even older, you can achieve financial freedom.

    The following Total Wealth insights will help you generate above average returns with below average risk at any age.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 29, 2015
    The Total Wealth Tactic That Makes Analyst Expectations YOUR Secret Weapon

    Apple’s most recent earnings were nothing short of spectacular, and the headlines reflected that:

    … Apple Beats Estimates on Soaring iPhone Sales – The Street

    Apple Beats Estimates with $10.2 Billion in Profit –

    Apple Crushes iPhone Estimates, Boosts Buybacks – CNBC

    What they should have said is “Analysts Got It Wrong Again.”

    We’ve talked in the past about how far off the mark Wall Street analysts can be, and how costly that can be for investors who blindly follow along. It’s no surprise – or at least it shouldn’t be – given the hidden biases Wall Street holds.

    But we haven’t talked about is how to use that information to your advantage.

    Until today.

    Here are the two best presents analysts could possibly give you this earnings season.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 24, 2015
    Your Tell-Tale “Inflection Point” in Today’s Markets

    Greetings from Baltimore!

    I’m here this week for a conference at the Money Map Press headquarters. But that doesn’t mean I’m taking my eye off the markets for one second.

    Right now they’re continuing at all-time highs, and my sense is the markets are getting ready to make a very important transition that’s going to catch a lot of investors by surprise.

    That’s why I made time to sit down with my friend William “BP” Patalon, who’s a 30-year veteran financial journalist and the founder of Money Morning Private Briefing, to dig into what’s happening and, more importantly, what’s next.

    I realize you couldn’t be at the table with us for the conversation. So today here’s a transcript that’s the next best thing

    Not only did we talk about my market outlook, but we honed in on several key topics you’ll have no trouble recognizing as Total Wealth Tactics and Unstoppable Trends. I even offered some of my favorite recommendations, too.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 22, 2015
    What McDonald’s Earnings Report Today Is Really Telling You

    McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD) reported earnings before the bell Wednesday morning, and missed terribly by almost every metric possible. Yet, traders are taking the stock higher, leading many investors to conclude that they should be along for the ride.

    Unless you like Vegas-style odds, that’s not a bet I’d recommend you make.

    Our Total Wealth Principles are built around companies with proven results that are gained by virtue of the fact that they’re tapped into globally unstoppable trends backed by trillions of dollars. McDonald’s is a turnaround situation, and this rally is powered by optimism that is anything but proven.

    That means any dollar you invest in the company at this point in time is disproportionately risky.

    Today, we’ll discuss what analysts aren’t telling you about McDonald’s, and why even before this short-sighted rally the company’s stock still had a long way to fall.

    Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of investing in McDonald’s – or any fast-food player for that matter.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 15, 2015
    The Hottest New Place to Find Income in Q2/2015

    Many investors believe that growth and income are mutually exclusive – that you can’t have one if you want the other. So they don’t give a second thought to high-growth sectors that haven’t traditionally paid out.

    It’s one of the costliest mistakes they can make, for the simple reason that the markets change constantly. Think about it for a moment. Just because a sector hasn’t paid dividends in the past and it hasn’t been attractive to income investors, doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future.

    Take, for example, Altria Group Inc. (NYSE:MO) and CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE:CNHI). At the time I recommended them to Money Map Report subscribers, they were considered by the broader investing community to be staid investments with very little upside – about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    My take was quite different.

    Despite tremendous increases in regulatory pressure, global growth concerns, and doubts related to the markets themselves, I saw two companies tapped into our Unstoppable Global Trends and, by implication, the higher revenues, higher earnings, and higher stock prices that go with them.

    I knew they were getting ready to grow.

    The fact that most investors took them for granted was pure gravy, because it meant that the shares were cheap compared to the potential they represented. And now anybody who followed along is glad they did. Altria and CNH Industrial have returned 245% and 142%, respectively. Now I’m seeing history getting ready to repeat itself.

    As usual, I’ve identified a few companies that people don’t traditionally think of as income generators to get you started.

    Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 10, 2015
    The Most Dangerous Financial Headline I’ve Seen Since 2008

    In my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist, I read newsfeeds from more than 100 sources every day. That helps me keep tabs on the Unstoppable Trends we follow here, what’s going on around the world, and, more importantly, discover opportunities for you that others don’t yet understand or even recognize.

    Given everything going on – ISIS, Russia, Washington, fabricated economic numbers, earnings… you name it – it takes a lot to surprise me. I’m pretty jaded.

    But a headline I recently came across stopped me in my tracks. Cold.

    It was, by far, the single most dangerous story I’ve seen since the Financial Crisis began in 2008. Worse, it merited only a passing mention on Bloomberg. Not a single major U.S. network I’m aware of paid it any meaningful attention.

    They should have.

    What I am about to tell you is proof positive that big banks are not the bastions of stability and financial prowess many believe them to be at this stage of the “recovery.”

    More to the point, big banks may harbor hidden risks and are not, as many analysts believe, the bright spot in this otherwise potentially disappointing earnings season.

    Here’s that headline… and what it means for four bank stocks you may own.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 08, 2015
    Five Total Wealth Principles to Use Today (and Every Day from Now On)

    I’ve talked to thousands of investors over the years who are absolutely convinced that they need to understand the market’s most complicated nuances to get ahead.

    In reality, though, success comes down to just five things that I call the Total Wealth Principles.

    Get ’em right and you can make more money with less risk while enjoying a peace of mind that the vast majority of investors will never have. I know that sounds like a tall order, but it’s not. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to be.

    You see, most investors fight the markets instead of going with the flow. And in doing so, they doom themselves to pathetic returns that do nothing but pad Wall Street’s pockets.

    I want you to understand these five Total Wealth Principles because they will help you harness the awesome power of the markets themselves. Then you’ll have the perspective needed to build the financial future and, specifically, the profit potential, that you so richly deserve.

    Especially now, when weak economic data is building yet another wave of panic among the 99% of investors who will never understand what I’m about to share with you.

    Here are five Total Wealth principles to invest by – and pitfalls to avoid.

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