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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 10, 2017
    SNAP… Still The Most Dangerous IPO I’ve Ever Seen

    Last November I called Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) the “single most dangerous” IPO I’d ever seen and urged you to give the company a wide berth… or take your money to Las Vegas where at least you’d have fun losing it.

    Legions of Silicon Valley faithful weren’t happy I said so, and neither were scores of Wall Street analysts doing their best to convince you that Snapchat was a ticket to easy riches.

    Fast forward to today.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 27, 2017
    Lock in Lifetime Income with Three Unexpected Choices

    John A. was ready to call it a day and head off into the proverbial sunset in early 2009. Like many retirees, he was eager to live the life of his dreams.

    Only, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

    The stock market tanked in 2008 and continued to drop precipitously into early March. John’s financial planner had all but conveniently disappeared and John found all the red in his brokerage statements deeply disturbing. He recalls some of his stocks “dropping by more than 50%.”

    Yet, John stuck to it.

    In fact, he stayed “in to win” – something we talk about frequently.

    I asked him why he’d decided to hold his positions at a time when other investors where bailing out as fast as they could. He said it was simply because he’d invested in high-income companies that made products and services the world had to have, which reflected solid management acumen, and mirrored his vision of the future.

    All of which ought to sound very familiar considering those are the exact principles around which Total Wealth is build and why we take the approach we do.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 24, 2017
    Keith’s Earnings Rundown

    Earnings season is in full swing with household names like Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT), McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD), and General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM) reporting today. As host Stuart Varney points out, Keith was right about Big Tech taking a hit yesterday… and now he’s back with everything you need to know about today’s profit reports. Click to watch

  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 21, 2017
    Weekend Edition: Apple’s Pivot Could Create Trillions

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 20, 2017
    Apple’s Next Move Could Make You Millions

    Why not reach for it right now?

    I believe Team Cupertino will make one of the biggest business pivots of all time within the next 72 days – by year’s end 2017.

    You can bury your head in the sand and ignore it – and miss out on millions…

    You can keep investing the way you always have – and trust that Wall Street will do the right thing…

    Or, you can take control over your financial destiny – as the company creates another $1 trillion in wealth.


    Glad you asked.

    Millions of investors think of Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS: AAPL) as a device company, which is why they fawn over every new iPhone release, hyperventilate when a new MacBook comes out, and go bananas when the next generation iPad launches.

    In reality, Apple hasn’t been that company for years.

    Behind closed doors, the company has been driven by the ecosphere since at least 2010, in a shift that’s only just now becoming apparent to the public.

    Many investors – present company excluded – think they’ve got this covered, but I’m not so sure.

    If they did, then they wouldn’t be fawning all over the latest iPhone releases, nor would they be hyper-concerned about talk of poor sales and supplier problems, as was the case Thursday when Apple’s shares got pounded.

    The fact that traders and investors are willing to speculate over such a short-sighted new item tells me that they still don’t see the big picture like we do. It also tells me that they have no idea what the ecosphere actually means for Apple, let alone how valuable the company will become.

    Trash talking news about this Apple supplier or that one has plagued Apple since the dawn of time. More to the point, it’s kept retail investors out of one of the greatest stocks in the history of financial markets. Again, present company excluded.

    Apple’s already the single largest wealth creator in the history of the stock market by virtue of the fact that it’s created more than $1 trillion in wealth for savvy investors. Every $10,000 invested when the company IPO-ed is now worth a jaw-dropping $3,183,690 as of last night’s close.

    That pales in comparison to Apple’s next move.

    Here’s what I see happening.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 27, 2017
    If You Can Only Buy One “Big Tech” Stock Today… Make it This One

    I often hear from investors who love the Total Wealth approach, but are either just starting out or simply don’t have a lot of money to invest.

    They want to know…

    …which big tech company would I recommend if they could only buy one of the “Big A’s.”

    The “Big A’s” – if you’ve never heard the term before – are what I call Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL), Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) and Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOGL).

    Frankly, it’d be very hard to go wrong with any of ’em over time, which is why I recommend positions in all three companies individually in my premium publication, the Money Map Report.

    Apple’s shares have risen more than 35% over the past 12 months while Amazon’s tacked on 25%. And, last but by no means least, Alphabet shares have appreciated 15%.

    The three are clearly competitors, and good ones at that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking mobile phones, smart devices, the Internet of Things, interactive households, media, or even Big Data – just to name a few product sets. They’ve all got serious potential.

    But, again, that’s not the question at hand.

    We’re here to talk about which ONE company I would pick if I had to buy “just” one.

    Here’s how to break the situation down.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 13, 2017
    Part I: $4 Trillion in Profit Potential when “Big Data” Becomes Too Big…

    Equifax announced last week that the intensely private personal data it had in its possession for 143 million Americans had been hacked.

    That’s 1 in every 2 people.

    People who…

    …didn’t ask to be “customers.”

    …now have a lifelong problem because of Equifax.

    …may never recover financially.

    I smell a rat.


    Yes, and to my way of thinking, deservedly so.

    Equifax maintained the financial equivalent of the “Holy Grail.” Social security numbers, driver license numbers, addresses, bank accounts, date of birth, and more.

    Everything needed to create a “new you.”

    I’m livid and not just because all this information has been stolen, either.

    What really chaps my hide is that criminals can now use this information to file tax returns, claim refunds, access medical records, rent apartments, buy houses, take out loans and more – all without you knowing for years to come.

    This goes waaaaaaay beyond simple identity theft.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 08, 2017
    Amazon Just Sent a Message to Every Tax-Happy Politician in the World

    Not two months ago, I shared my thoughts with you on why Seattle’s City Council was making one of the worst possible decisions of all time when it voted unanimously to pass a 2.25% income tax on city residents making more than $250,000 a year, and on couples filing jointly who make more than $500,000 a year.

    “If you treat money punitively, it leaves,” I said.

    And, when it does, I noted, “It takes hundreds of billions of dollars in highly skilled jobs, intellectual capital, and property values with it.”

    As part of that column, I cited two of Seattle’s biggest and most profitable companies… companies, I might add, that critics (and probably City Councilors) thought would find it “impossible” to leave.

    Well, guess who just threw down the gauntlet?

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 16, 2017
    How to Play Detroit’s Chinese Connection

    Western investors reacted with outright derision and plenty of skepticism when news broke this week that one or more Chinese automakers are considering bids for Detroit’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE:FCAU).

    What they don’t realize is that not only is a deal like this absolutely possible, it’s highly probable.

    And, imminent.

    Which means the time to make your move is now.

    Many investors are simply incredulous. I’ve spoken with tens of thousands of them over the years who cannot grasp the enormous financial implications associated with China’s emergence as a global power.

    In some cases, they don’t want to acknowledge that China truly has global aspirations.

    Most of the time, though, I find they simply cannot process the notion that somebody may have a bigger, more profitable vision of the future than they do – especially when it comes to an industry we pioneered.

    However, they better get used to the idea… Chinese automakers are a logical partner.

    In fact, they may be the only partner.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 09, 2017
    When it Comes to Amazon, I Couldn’t Disagree More with David Stockman…

    Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman rocked markets Monday with a note to clients calling Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) a bubble, saying the company is “set for a spectacular collapse.”

    Then he went on to say that a tech crash is “imminent” and that the company most at risk is Amazon because it hasn’t invented anything “explosively new like the iPhone or personal computer.”


    Amazon is not a Reagan-era company, so measuring it today using criteria that applied 35 years ago completely misses the point, not to mention the profit potential.

    Stockman has obviously had a long and distinguished career and I respect his analysis. But I cannot disagree more vehemently when it comes to Amazon.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 23, 2017
    How Uber’s Disaster Impacts Your Portfolio

    Many investors think that what’s happening with Uber can’t or won’t impact their portfolio because it’s a private company.

    Think again.

    Uber’s ongoing train wreck will have a material impact on your money in ways that most investors won’t expect.

    Especially when it comes to my favorite subject.


    What’s happening with Uber is pretty straightforward, and proof positive that we’ve been on the right track all along.

    The company is a classic disruptor that’s gotten where it is today by stomping all over anybody who got in its way – from regulators to competitors to customers.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 21, 2017
    One Simple Trade to Profit from the Amazon/Whole Foods Deal

    I made you some very specific promises when I started Total Wealth. Not only would we cover specific trading ideas and big trends, but we’d also dive into the specific tactics needed to maximize your wealth.

    Today I’m going to keep that promise with a look at one way to trade Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) and Whole Foods Market Inc. (NasdaqGS:WFM) right now using a Total Wealth Tactic I know you’ll love as much as I do.

    What I really like about this trade is that it’s easy to understand and even easier to implement. And, it has the potential to profit no matter whether the markets go up, down, or simply sideways.

    Best of all, though, there’s $1 trillion up for grabs.

    Here’s what you need to know.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 02, 2017
    How to Play the Retail “Ice Age”

    The images I’m about to share with you today are upsetting.  

    To be honest, I find them downright disturbing. But if you’re planning to invest even a single dollar this year, you’ve got to see them…

    …and invest accordingly – or risk losing it all, like most others will.

    Click here.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 12, 2017
    The Next Six Months Will Be Critical For Your Money (And Snapchat)

    Yesterday’s conversation during the ride home yesterday was about as damning an indictment of investment potential as I’ve ever heard…

    Do you use branded filters?


    What’s your favorite company?


    Which of the highlighted stories do you read regularly?


    Let me tell you why this conversation is so relevant to your money.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 03, 2017
    The Real Reason Tesla Stock Keeps Going Up Has Nothing to Do with Cars

    Tesla stock hit another new record high Monday… up a staggering 1,200% since the company went public in 2010.

    Still, the bears can’t give up – not the least of whom is legendary hedge fund manager, David Einhorn, who roars that the stuck is in a bubble and on the verge of crashing.

    I can’t blame him. I’d be bearish, too, if I were the “Mayor of Shortsville” and talking my own book… and if I thought Tesla was a car company.

    Tesla’s got a secret.

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