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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 13, 2019
    No Matter How Bad It Looks, Never Believe a Permabear

    Today’s column will contain some of the most valuable investing advice you’ll ever read. But be forewarned. You won’t see this anywhere else. What I have to say is direct… blunt even. I’ve chosen to publish this column today because …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 12, 2019
    This Rally is Only Going One Place…Higher!

    When Stuart Varney asked if this rally had legs, Keith was ready with his answer: absolutely. The fear of missing out (on profit opportunities) combined with capital sitting on the sidelines is the recipe for a rally. Plus, how international affairs WON’T affect the rally.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 11, 2019
    How to Invest (and Trade) Through a Christmas “Crash”

    The S&P500 has tacked on a remarkable 25.16% so far this year yet many investors are acting as if the “other” shoe is going to drop just like it did last year right around this time.

    Honestly, that’s a fair concern.

    The markets have been a one-way train higher since January 2019. The S&P 500, for example, has put in over 15 new record highs over the past 12 months.

    The known risks – political instability, Chinese trade, regulatory changes, signs of a global slowdown – are all well understood. It’s the unknown that’ll get you every time.

    Wall Street would have you believe that the most effective way to hedge against unknown market risk is to diversify your portfolio.

    The theory is pretty elegant – or at least it’s supposed to be.

    Spread your money around, they say, and, in doing so, you’ll reduce your risk, because “everything can’t possibly go down at once.”

    Problem is… that’s a load of self-serving hooey.

    Today’s markets are more correlated than they’ve ever been, thanks to a witches’ brew of computerized trading, exchange-traded funds – ETF’s for short – and leverage.

    You’ve got to do something different if you want to get ahead.

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 10, 2019
    Keith Got it Right… Again

    It’s not uncommon for Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald to be ahead of the markets by 12 to 24 months. Making Money host Charles Payne points out he got it right – again – when it comes to three critical stocks.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 07, 2019
    Only Truly Successful Investors Understand THIS Reality

    Today I want to talk for a moment about something I hear it all the time.

    People tell me frequently that they want to make gobs of money so they can do what they want, when they want, and where they want. They think being rich means being “free.”

    That’s all true.

    Just not in the way most people think.

    Being a successful investor means being responsible for your money. You can’t, for example, just throw your money into a few random picks and laugh all the way to the bank. Nor can you simply follow the annual “best of” top investment lists that cover your favorite newsstands a month from now.

    No, being fabulous rich and making huge profits year in, year out even when others are losing their asteroids means being responsible for your money.

    You’ve got to do these two things, specifically and consistently.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 07, 2019
    Weekend Edition: Only Truly Successful Investors Understand THIS Reality

    People tell me frequently that they want to make gobs of money so they can do what they want, when they want, and where they want. They think being rich means being “free.”

    That’s all true.

    Just not in the way most people think.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 06, 2019
    AI Update: This Could Change Everything

    I never thought in a million years that I’d be writing to you about artificial intelligence.

    The truth is, I’m just not that kind of guy… or at least, I’ve never thought about myself that way.

    My columns and the recommendations that go with ’em usually involve compelling stories, great analysis, and huge profit potential. Normally I thrive on discovering opportunities most investors can’t see, let alone imagine.

    Only, in this case, it’s my imagination that IS the story.

    The work I’m doing could literally change everything, at least when it comes to identifying big profit potential.

    Here’s the latest

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 04, 2019
    How to Play the Growing Retail Divide This Holiday Season

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you that I would cover the best trading tips, tactics, and techniques for today’s markets, including specific trading methods when headlines make the case for doing so.

    Today, I’m going to keep that promise with a trade based on a recent story in Fortune that caught my attention: Black Friday Weekend Will Deepen the Divide Between Retail’s Winners and Losers.

    We’ve talked about the retail “divide” in great depth many times both here in Total Wealth and in our paid sister-service, the Money Map Report, and I’ve characterized the on-going battle as “Amazon versus everybody else.” We also invested accordingly (and very successfully if you’re following along as directed I might add).

    Today’s trade, though, is about the “everybody else” in that phraseology. Not Amazon.

    This is important stuff because the retail “divide” that makes this trade work is going to create fortunes for savvy investors who understand the dynamic and – sadly – wreck more than a few portfolios for those who don’t.

    Obviously, I want you to be amongst the fortune-builders.

    Here’s how to line up big profit potential even if the markets turn

  • Total Wealth Staff Dec 04, 2019
    It’s Doable: Why the Dow Could Hit 29,000 by January 1

    Keith claims the Dow could hit another record by 2020, and his reasoning will surprise you. Plus, why impeachment is an anti-indicator. Click here to watch!

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 30, 2019
    Weekend Edition: A Personal Thanksgiving Message from Keith Fitz-Gerald

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We’ve got a lot to be thankful for… including some of what we’ve got coming in 2020!

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  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 30, 2019
    A Personal Thanksgiving Message from Keith Fitz-Gerald

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The world is a complicated place at the moment but there’s still a lot to be thankful for.

    Including some of what we’ve got coming in 2020!

    Total Wealth – thanks to YOU – is a great place to be

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 29, 2019
    Five Questions You NEED to Ask your Financial Advisor Right Now

    Turning your money into life-changing wealth requires planning… for both success and failure. It also requires competent counsel – meaning somebody who will act in your best interests.

    But, finding the right advisor is tough, especially now with the markets at new all time highs.

    The Internet is filled with stories of predatory sales practices, manipulative management stories, and just plain incompetence. Chances are good you know somebody who’s had a bad experience, just like I do.

    It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

    There are great advisors out there if you know how to find them and which questions to ask to make sure you’re on the right track for huge profits rather than devastating losses.

    Start with the following – even if you’re already working with somebody you trust

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 27, 2019
    Forget the FANGs – The “Big A’s” Will Put Your Grandchildren Through College

    FANG stocks were stocks you couldn’t afford NOT to own for years. There was, as we have discussed many times, simply no reason to leave ’em behind.

    It’s a different story now, though.

    Two of the four original FANG stocks are likely to fall precipitously next year if not fail outright within the next five years.

    You’ve got to reshuffle the proverbial deck if you want to stay in the hunt for big profits. And, you want to start by investing in a group of very special companies that pay YOU to buy their stock.

    I call ’em the “Big A’s.”

    Most investors think they have this covered but let me tell you something … they’re deluding themselves.

    The stocks I am about to share with you could return 5X the broader markets over the next five years. What’s more, they could account for more than 50% of all stock market gains in the next decade.

    Let’s talk about them now.

    The “Big A’s” are where you want to line up big profits

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 23, 2019
    Weekend Edition: This Company May be the Best Pharma Buy on the Planet Today

    Japan has a very serious edge when it comes to geriatric medicine and health care stocks, especially when you think about oncology, gastroenterology, neurosciences and more as a result.

    A lot of folks aren’t thinking about this when it comes to their money right now. But they should be.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 22, 2019
    Pot Stocks Remind me of Dot Com, But…

    Keith joins Charles Payne to discuss why the current burnout in pot stocks remind him of the Dot com era, with a surprising twist. Here’s why, where, and when to invest your money. Plus, why Keith sees a new flurry of mergers ahead, and how that’s good for your money.

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