Editor’s Note: As Chief Investment Strategist of Total Wealth, Keith believes in making his track record of recommendations easily accessible to all readers within seconds – and that’s why he’s compiled an Archives page. Here you’ll find links to every Total Wealth article Keith has published since Total Wealth’s creation on October 2, 2014, posted in reverse chronological order.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 19, 2016
    Keith Says: 19,000 This Year

    Keith is happy to recommend buying Apple while everyone’s consternation is over slowing iPhone sales – because, as he explains here, Tim Cook has a much bigger vision for the company.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 12, 2016
    Ekso Update – New Financing Means New Potential

    It’s time to update one of our favorite recommendations – Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (NasdaqCM:EKSO).

    The company closed a $13.7 million common stock offering at $4 a share earlier today, and I’m very excited to see what’s next.

    So let’s dive right in with a look at what’s happening…

    And what it means for your money.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 29, 2016
    Why American Tech Stocks Are The Place to Be Today

    A dismal economic report shows U.S. GDP growth stalling to 1.2% last quarter – but America’s tech sector is smashing records as it defies every headwind. Here’s Keith on why Apple, Amazon, and so many tech giants are so promising right now.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 28, 2016
    Why Tech Companies Are the Backbone of “Must Have” Investments Today

    Some people are worried that after their recent surges, stocks like Amazon and Apple are overpriced. But Keith points out what analysts are getting wrong about these lofty stocks – they’re information companies, and have a lot more upside than analysts who misread their very identities could ever predict.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 27, 2016
    Apple’s Ecosphere Continues Forward

    In the wake of some of the most important earnings reports in tech, Keith joined the panel of Varney & Co. to discuss why Apple is still on its way to $200/share, the role of Tim Cook and the ecosphere, and what the rest of Silicon Valley’s financials mean for investors.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jul 11, 2016
    Why Amazon’s Amazing Climb Isn’t Stopping

    Amazon stock doubled in 2015 while broader markets stayed flat – but Keith is convinced its march isn’t over. Here’s why Amazon still has the potential to multiply shareholders’ money.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 17, 2016
    How to Tell When a Stock Up 1,000% Could Still Quadruple Your Money

    I get one question more than any other at the moment…

    …XYZ has already had a huge run up – should I buy it?

    The fear, of course, is that the stock they want to buy has already had a huge run up and is going to tank immediately after they plunk down their money. I know – I’ve thought the same thing plenty of times over the years, too.

    It’s easy to think that many “expensive” stocks are going to roll over given that today’s dismal headlines range from the unimaginably mundane to the truly horrific.

    But that’d be a very expensive mistake.

    What most investors fail to understand is that there are still fabulous companies out there with equally unimaginable potential to make you a ton of money.

    Even though they’ve already had a 1,000%+ run.

    Contrary to what most investors think, you haven’t missed a thing if you know what to look for.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 07, 2016
    Why Apple’s Still Heading to $200/Share

    Apple’s a long ways from its all-time high of $133/share – but that’s because the vast majority of investors don’t realize what CEO Tim Cook is doing. Apple’s no longer just a device-driven company – and in a matter of months, Wall Street won’t be able to ignore that fact.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 25, 2016
    No Kidding-Hope Is Not a Viable Investment Strategy for Twitter

    I just about fell out of bed this morning when I rolled over to scan the first of hundreds of headlines I look at when my day starts, and saw this from IBTimes:

    …”Hope Is Not A Strategy” For Twitter

    Not that I’m surprised somebody else finally caught on and called the one-time media darling for what it is, only that it’s taken so long for everybody to glom on to what we’ve been discussing since the company IPO’d, in 2013… and used almost the exact language I have to describe the situation since.

    But, there’s something else you should know.

    It’s a shocking “secret” that most investors will never understand: the numbers have never lied, and when it comes to much bally-hooed companies like Twitter, they never do.

    That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

    As always, I’m going to give you a viable alternative and suggestions on the tactics you need to make the jump.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 18, 2016
    Three of the World’s Best Investors Just Proved We’re Far Ahead of the Pack (Again)

    I promised to keep you ahead of the curve when I started Total Wealth – and certainly ahead of Wall Street.

    Frankly, it’s why you’re here, and I take that responsibility very, very seriously. We’ve had a great run together and it’s something I hope to continue for years to come.

    Some opportunities represent big sweeping changes in the global environment. Those are typically oriented around our Unstoppable Trends.

    For example, I helped readers beat legendary trader George Soros, David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital, and Kyle Bass’s Hayman Capital Management, LP to a trade against the yen by a full eight months back in 2013, more than doubling the returns that hedge fund heavyweights used to net at least $1 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Other profitable plays I share with you are driven by a mix of tactics and headlines.

    For instance, I led readers to Raytheon Co. (NYSE:RTN), and to specialized defense contractors a full year before they became a hot trade in the mainstream press. Anybody following along had the opportunity to capture triple-digit gains.

    But occasionally there are trades that are so far off the radar that almost nobody but us sees ’em coming.

    And that’s precisely what I’ve got on tap for you today.

    Once again we’re in great company, with even greater profit potential.

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  • Total Wealth Staff May 16, 2016
    Why Buffett’s Plans for Yahoo! Are Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

    Reports are out that Warren Buffett is backing a bid to buy out Yahoo! The rumors come on the heels of Buffett’s billion-dollar bet on Apple – but he’d be making the two forays for entirely different reasons. Here’s Keith on what could really be driving Buffett when it comes to Yahoo!.

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  • Total Wealth Staff May 13, 2016
    Takeaways From Retail Market Lows

    Swinging markets are producing clear winners and losers, but investors who recognize the macro trends can still come out on top

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald May 06, 2016
    Ekso Update – What Ekso’s Latest Move Means for Your Money

    I’ve got some important news today regarding our favorite Human Augmentation play: Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:EKSO).

    The company made a major announcement earlier this week that’s proof positive Ekso is on track and progressing nicely as expected. It’s also something I’m extremely excited to see, for reasons I’ll tell you about in a minute.

    But first, I want to start by telling you what’s happened and what it means for your money.

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  • Total Wealth Staff May 02, 2016
    Why Apple is Still Headed to $200/Share

    Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL) took a beating last week, shedding more than 7% of its market cap as Carl Icahn made a bad selloff worse by unloading $700 million worth of stock. Here’s why individual investors shouldn’t follow Icahn’s example.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Apr 06, 2016
    Ekso Bionics: Now the First and Only FDA-Approved Exoskeleton

    The term “human augmentation” brings to mind nightmarish sci-fi movie images for many people. But it brings to mind dollar signs for me.

    That’s because the industry will grow by more than 4,000% in the next four years, to total $1.8 billion by 2020.

    However, not all that growth will happen equally.

    You’ve got to make some very careful decisions when it comes to your money if you want to line up with the winners. The vast majority of emerging tech in this area will never make it off the drawing board, let alone into production. Clearly, not all stocks are equal.

    Here’s the thing most investors are missing.

    The winners aren’t just developing new technology; they’re developing it in such a way that they’ve got access to entirely new business models competitors don’t understand or simply cannot access.

    That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the latest headline making news from our favorite Human Augmentation play, Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTC:EKSO).

    What I’m about to tell you gives the company a distinct advantage and could create an entirely new group of millionaires savvy enough to cash in.

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