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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 21, 2016
    Three Hidden Opportunities in Japan’s Shocking Demographic Decline

    [Kyoto, Japan] – Most investors are at least passingly familiar with the fact that Japan’s demographics are the worst on the planet because the country is “aging” so fast.

    What they’re missing is just how massive an opportunity that is for the right investments.

    And that’s what we’re going to talk about today, including three specifics that will get you started.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 16, 2016
    How to Protect Your Money Against Negative Interest Rates

    It’s official… the lunatics are running the asylum.

    Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke said earlier this week that policymakers should give some serious thought to negative interest rates.

    I think HE ought to think about what that means for millions of investors.

    I know I am.

    That’s why we need to have a chat today about how you defend your money before it’s too late.

    Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 14, 2016
    Why a “Promise” Is the Single Most Valuable Investment on Wall Street

    What if I told you about a stock that has returned 10X what Apple has since it went public, and still has that kind of profitability ahead of it?

    Would you be interested?

    Heck yeah – in a New York minute.

    It all comes down to one simple “promise.”

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 12, 2016
    Keith: Yellen’s “Rationale” for Raising Rates Exposed

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s preparing to raise rates for a very cynical reason – here’s Keith explaining how you can get your investment money ahead of the Fed’s agenda.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 09, 2016
    Here Are The Companies to Buy During All-Time Market Highs

    With markets near all-time highs once more, millions of investors are wondering if it’s better to sit back and wait for an entry point. Keith appeared on CNBC World to put overvaluation fears in context.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 09, 2016
    Five With Fitz – Keith Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

    When I started Total Wealth I promised you two things: a look at the most pressing and compelling opportunities I can find, and a two-way street that reflects what YOU want to know.

    Today I’d like to keep that promise with a look at a few of the most pressing questions I’ve received lately.

    As always, I’ve got a few ideas on how you can play the answers profitably.

    Let’s get started…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 07, 2016
    Double Your Money on the One Company Cornering the Fastest-Growing Defense Industry

    Click here to download the PDF version: Dear reader, In my conversations with contacts around the world, I keep hearing the same word come up to describe the threat America faces… …existential. Most of the time, they’re referring to ISIS, …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 06, 2016
    What the Russia/Saudi Arabia Oil Pact Means for U.S. Investors

    The reported deal between Russia and Saudi Arabia to boost oil prices is a very, very serious development because it realigns global priorities and leaves Americans out in the cold.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 02, 2016
    “Tax the Rich” Sounds Like a Great Idea Until This Happens

    European commissioners ruled Tuesday that Apple must repay billions in back taxes shunted through an unstaffed Irish subsidiary. Google, Amazon, Starbucks, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo, and McDonalds are next on the chopping block.

    Good luck with that.

    They’ve started a pissing match they cannot win.

    Worse, in their rush to “tax those evil rich corporations,” revenue-hungry commissioners have just damned any hope Europe ever had of a recovery.

    Worse still, you’re going to pay for it unless you understand how to play the situation profitably.

    Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 01, 2016
    Keith – Government’s Obstruction of Deere Merger Is Lunacy

    The Justice Department’s decision to nix Deere’s intended merger makes no sense, given the monopolies it’s not only permitted but created over the years. Here’s Keith on what the government would do if it were truly interested in encouraging competition.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 31, 2016
    What Yellen Must Know but Can’t Say

    Policy wonks billed Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s recent remarks from Jackson Hole, Wyoming as “one of the single most important speeches” she’ll give all year.

    Traders yawned because they already know the answer to the one question that no politician dares to ask.

    Now you will, too.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 29, 2016
    The Only Tool Left to Cure This Economy

    After almost a decade of runaway government spending and central banking madness and the debt and diminished economy that goes with it, is there any initiative that will work to get America going again? Here’s Keith’s take.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 26, 2016
    What 99% of Investors Don’t Understand About Tech Will Cost ‘Em

    Technology stocks have been on an incredible tear lately beating the S&P 500 by up to five-to-one over the last year, and many investors are afraid they’re going to fall… that somehow the run’s over.

    Not on your life.

    And, not for reasons you might think.

    Here’s what everybody else is missing.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 24, 2016
    Keith: Tremendous Volatility – If Yellen’s the Least Bit Hawkish Friday

    The Fed’s “reality distortion field” is going into overdrive in the days leading up to Chair Yellen’s Friday remarks. Here’s Keith on what investors can expect near-term.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Aug 24, 2016
    The World’s Two Most Legendary Traders Tipped Their Hand – Are You In?

    In a move that’s overshadowed by non-stop election coverage…

    …two of the world’s legendary traders just took mega-bear positions,


    …Fed Chair Janet Yellen is scheduled to speak from Jackson Hole, Wyoming this Friday in what could be one of the most important speeches of her career.


    Here’s what they know about what she’s going to say.

    And, how you can profit.

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