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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 23, 2015
    Analysts Get It Wrong Again and You’ve Got Another Double Digit Opportunity

    There’s an old joke on Wall Street that makes the rounds every now and again…             

    …God invented analysts to make weather forecasters look good.

    Meant as a tongue in cheek poke at the complexity of financial markets, it’s unfortunately all too true.

    Conventional analysts are often blind to new developments, changes in earnings, evolving consumer habits, and more. Worse, like ostriches, they tend to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to change.

    That’s bad if you depend on ’em, but GREAT if you know how to pounce on the openings they inadvertently create.

    We’ve talked about this several times over the past year with great success. And, each time, you’ve had the opportunity to rack up double digit returns on their “mistakes.”

    This time around, though, I think the potential may be even bigger.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 21, 2015
    No One Believes Beijing’s Latest Numbers… But They’re Not The Real Takeaway

    China reported its most recent GDP figures and 6.9% growth versus the officially targeted 7% everybody was expecting. Predictably, the world gasped:

    …China’s slowing down

    …China’s faking numbers to meet political pressure

    …China’s real growth is far less than reported


    Now the media’s going to spend the next 72 hours talking about that “miss” as if it’s a real number. But I want you to try to pay as little attention to the discussion as you can. It’s a waste of time and hazardous to your finances.

    Instead, focus on the data I’m going to share with you today.


    For the simple reason that China’s going to fuel the world’s best businesses for decades to come. And, in the process of doing so, create yet another round of millionaires.

    I want you to be one of them.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 20, 2015
    Wal-Mart’s Struggles Are a Grim Sign for American Consumers

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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 19, 2015
    China’s Latest Growth Numbers Show a Buying Opportunity for American Stocks

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 16, 2015
    What Wal-Mart’s $21 Billion Wipeout Really Tells You

    No doubt you’ve heard about Wal-Mart’s $21 billion wipeout this past Wednesday following revelations from senior management that the company may suffer a 6% – 12% drop in earnings in 2017.

    The headlines were certainly hard to miss:

    …Wal-Mart Surprises Market With Dim Outlook – The Wall Street Journal

    …Wal-Mart Stock Hammered as Profit Warning Triggers Price War Fears –

    …Wal-Mart Shares Tank on Lower Earnings Forecast – USA Today

    …Wal-Mart may need a decade to get its ‘mojo’ back – MarketWatch

    Investors may as well be listening to an old Charlie Brown cartoon…wha wha wha.

    The actual story here and the one you need to focus on has nothing to do with the company itself but everything to do with a fundamental change in market conditions.

    My job is to make sure you and your money come out on the right side of the equation. That way you’re not going to get caught by surprise like millions of investors who will not connect the dots I’m about to share with you.

    So let’s get cracking!

    Here’s what traders are telling you about today’s markets.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 14, 2015
    Stop Doing This and Boost Your Returns by 190%

    There’s nothing like a market swoon when it comes to unleashing the most damaging of all investor behaviors – emotional decision making.

    We’ve talked a lot about how catastrophic this can be during our time together with good reason – investors who make knee-jerk decisions damn themselves to abysmal returns.

    Today, we’ve going to revisit the subject because emotions are running high right now and millions of investors are at risk of doing something stupid. I don’t want you to be one of them.

    What I am about to share with you may make you uncomfortable. I totally get that. In fact, I’m hesitant to bring it up because it could easily be taken out of context.

    But I am going to do so anyway for one simple reason – if you understand why Wall Street doesn’t talk about what we’ve going to cover today, then you’ll be perfectly positioned to understand the implications associated with what I want you to do next – and the tactics you’ll need to succeed.

    Here’s what you need to know about the tactic that may already be costing you 190% returns.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 09, 2015
    Morgan Stanley Analysts Join Us on the GoPro Bandwagon

    “Better late than never” goes the old expression.

    Morgan Stanley analysts cut their target price for GoPro shares by -43.5% from $62 a share to $35 a share Tuesday… after the stock had already fallen 67% from its high of $93.85/share in October 2014.

    To say they’re in firm command of the obvious is an understatement.

    Still, millions of investors were surprised and the stock got shellacked. It dropped more than 5% before fighting back late day to a close of $30.65. That’s simply stupefying to me. Not that it dropped, mind you, but that anybody was surprised.

    I’ve been telling you the company was a train wreck for over a year now. In fact, as recently as September 30th, I reiterated that the company was not worth your time nor your money – unless, of course, you were shorting it.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 07, 2015
    VW: Don’t Go Bottom Fishing Yet

    Preconditioned to “buy the dips” and capitalize on special situations, millions of investors have picked up shares in Volkswagen with the hope of making a killing on the rebound.

    I think that’s a mistake.

    No doubt special situations can create huge profits, but what’s happening now with VW is very different and poses special risks other “turnarounds” don’t.

    We’re going to talk about that today and, while we’re at it, take a quick look at the trade recommendation I gave you last week to play the situation.

    It’s returned 15% in just eight trading sessions and is primed for a whole lot more in the months ahead.

    How much more?

    Nobody knows for certain, but taking our cue from other winning recommendations like Raytheon, Altria and FleetCor that I’ve recommended over the years under similar circumstances, there’s clearly double or even triple-digit profit potential.

    Here’s what you need to know.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Oct 05, 2015
    My Three Criteria for My Buy List in These Markets

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 02, 2015
    This $709 Billion Sub-Trend Could Make Your Portfolio Pop

    Sometimes a big trend isn’t little enough – what I mean by that is that a big trend may not be as focused as you’d like. To really refine your profit potential, you’ve got to hone in on a sub-trend.

    We’re going to talk about that today and, specifically, how recent trading conditions have created an opening that most people don’t see in a sub-trend driving one of the most powerful of our Unstoppable Trends of all – Demographics.

    That sounds like a tall order but it’s not too hard if you know what to look for.

    The last time I brought one of these sub-trends to your attention, Total Wealth readers who followed along had the opportunity to capture returns of 120.40% in less than nine months.

    The opportunity I want to share with you right now could do even better…and even faster.

    The key is something called “fast-casual” dining.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 30, 2015
    This Data Is Too Terrible for the Fed’s “Bad Is Good” Meme to Fool Markets

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 30, 2015
    Another Wall Street Darling to Short

    GoPro Inc. (NasdaqGS:GPRO) continues to defy the odds thanks to a litany of headlines and experts who just “know” the stock is going to rebound.

    …Pac Crest says buy the stock despite “session” disappointment – Barrons

         …GoPro bounces back on coverage initiation – TheStreet

         …GoPro market unlikely to be cannibalized by smartphones – Investor’s Business Daily

    And my personal favorite…

    …GoPro can recover in 2016 – Stern Agee

    Call me crazy, but that’s about as possible as FedEx painting its truck fleet brown.

    I think the stock is worth $15 a share…at best.

    Here’s what you need to know to line up 50% gains or more.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Sep 28, 2015
    Cash Is Outperforming Stocks This Year – Here’s What NOT to Do

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 25, 2015
    The Simplest, Most Effective Strategy For Getting Wealthy in Hi-Tech Today

    Today’s financial markets are more complex than they’ve ever been, leading many investors to believe their investment strategies have to be equally complicated to work.

    That’s simply not true.

    In fact, simple is always better… and potentially one whale of a lot more profitable, too.

    Today we’re going to talk about how a specific event triggered an entry point in an industry that will cost the world’s economy $575 billion this year alone. And, as usual, I’ve got two suggestions for you that could lead to big profits based on a Total Wealth Tactic so simple you’ll be kicking yourself if you haven’t thought about it before.

    But first I want to share a story that sets the stage and explains why something America’s first millionaire west of the Mississippi did in 1849 is the key to your profits 166 years later.

    Here’s your entry to play the global economy’s $575 billion challenge.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 23, 2015
    How to Trade Volkswagen Now

    When I started Total Wealth I promised that I would give you a blend of tips, tactics, and specific trading ideas to help you maximize your wealth based on the events of the day.

    Today I’m going to keep that promise with a look at how to trade beleaguered VW right now, using a brand new Total Wealth Tactic I think you’re going to love.

    What I like about this trade is that it’s easy to understand and even easier to implement.

    Best of all, the trade I’m going to share with you today has the potential to turn a profit no matter whether the broader markets go up, down, or simply nowhere.

    Let’s get started!

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