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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 29, 2015
    Why Europe Won’t Blink in Greece’s Game of Chicken

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 26, 2015
    Your Three Total Wealth Tactics to Play Any IPO

    Fitness device phenomenon Fitbit Inc. (NYSE:FIT) IPOed last week and promptly shot up nearly 50% on its first day of trading, causing a media frenzy that excited a lot of investors. Still more were left lamenting the fact that they weren’t along for the ride.

    Trust me… you don’t want to be.

    The Fitbit IPO highlights everything wrong with Wall Street today. Worse, it’s set up to make you fail while insiders get rich. That’s why rushing out to buy shares is the very last thing you want to do when a stock like this begins trading.

    Still, not all IPOs are bad news.

    As you might imagine, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Then, we’re going to cover the Total Wealth tactics that can help you play future IPOs far more profitably.

    Here’s what you need to know about today’s IPO culture so you don’t get burned.

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  • cflagle Jun 25, 2015
    China’s Assassin’s Mace – The Dawn of WWIII

    Should the China’s announcement to position the Yuan as a gold-backed, world reserve currency serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching? According to Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, the answer is yes. In …

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  • admin Jun 24, 2015
    Get Ready for Total Wealth

    Dear Total Wealth Reader, I just sent your exclusive special report, This Small-Cap Company Could Make Gains of 720% as It Saves California, to your email inbox. It should arrive in a few minutes, so keep an eye out for it. …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 19, 2015
    What You Need to Know About Fitbit’s IPO

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 19, 2015
    How Buying a “Step-Up” Stock Can Boost Your Defense Profits

    Colt Defense LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last Monday. Investors were stunned, and questions flew.

    How could this happen to America’s legendary gun maker at a time when more than 10 million background checks were completed for gun sales in 2014, including 175,000 on Black Friday alone?  Is this a sign that the defense industry is flagging? And, more importantly, what does this mean for my money?

    Today I want to talk about that because we’ve got an ideal teaching moment on our hands when it comes to how to invest in what I call the MOST Unstoppable of the six Unstoppable Trends we follow:

    War, Terrorism & Ugliness.

    Today’s lesson is about how to find a “step-up” stock that positions you for maximum profitability in a sector no one in their right mind actually likes – but no one can afford to ignore, either.

    And it applies not just to Colt – which was privately owned – but to public companies like Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (NasdaqGS:SWHC) and Sturm Ruger & Co. (Stuttgart:ST2.SG), so if you own those or any other firearms maker for that matter, take careful notes.

    Understand the critical difference I’m about to lay out for you and you’ll do very well. Miss it, and a Colt-like experience could clobber your portfolio.

    Here’s the one factor that makes a “step-up” stock…

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 19, 2015
    Here’s Why America Shouldn’t Fear a Greek Default

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 17, 2015
    The Last Time We Saw This Setup It Gave You the Opportunity For 245% Gains

    There’s a lot being written about Greece right now. It’s scary, it’s problematic and, for the most part, almost totally unusable for the average investor.

    That’s completely unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.

    So I thought we’d take a good hard look at what you actually need to know, then move on to three Total Wealth Tactics that can help you capitalize on the situation. And I don’t just mean by single digits, either.

    The last time we saw this crisis-driven setup, savvy investors who followed along had the opportunity to take home returns of at least 245% by jumping a stock that would thrive under the circumstances.

    Here’s what you really need to know.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 15, 2015
    Why Greece Is Out of the Eurozone Within the Month

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 12, 2015
    What You Really Need to Know to Play Rising Rates (and Win)

    Millions of investors are understandably flummoxed by the prospect of rising rates, and with good reason – it’s something that they’ve never had to contend with because interest rates have been on a one way trip down since 1981 when they peaked above 15%.

    Naturally, Wall Street’s hype machine is in full gear and the headlines are terrifying. For every one telling you this isn’t a big deal there are 10 telling you it’s the end of the
    financial universe as you know it.

    Worse, they’ll have you believe that you’re some kind of moron to own bonds at the moment.

    Neither one of these things is true. In fact, bonds are more relevant than ever.

    Today we’re going to talk about why and what you need to know to successfully profit when Team Yellen finally makes its move. And, as usual, I’m going to give you three actionable steps you can take immediately as well as two specific recommendations that can help protect your money and profit even as others are left crying in their coupons.

    Here’s why bonds matter more than ever.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 10, 2015
    What the “Bond King” Gets Right About the Fed Today

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 10, 2015
    The One Financial Opinion You Should Trust Above All Others

    One of our favorite recommendations was hit with a vicious “short and distort” attack last week that caused no end of discussion in the Total Wealth Family. Comments, emails, and phone calls flew all day long, as you might imagine.

    Yet one observation stood out above all others.

    Today I’d like to talk about why ,and what it suggests about the courage, conviction, and perspective held by the person who posted it. It’s a trait every successful investor shares, and one that’s vitally important to building Total Wealth.

    Bob, this one’s for you.

    This is the financial opinion you should trust above all others.

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  • Total Wealth Staff Jun 08, 2015
    If You’re Not Investing in This Sector, You’re Being Naive

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jun 05, 2015
    The Only Two Retail Stocks I’ll Ever Recommend You Buy

    This morning I’ve got a $1,000 piece of useless high tech hardware hanging over my fireplace at home in Oregon.

    It used to be a fabulous 50-inch Samsung SmartHub television.

    Today I want to tell you a story about what’s happened because it illuminates something critically important when it comes to your money – why you won’t see me recommend a single retail tech stock – save two.

    That may strike you as odd given how often we’ve spoken about Technology as one of the six Unstoppable Trends we’re following, but there’s a reason.

    Several, actually.

    Beginning with an experience that may hit close to home for you, too…

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  • cflagle Jun 03, 2015
    Why China is Building Military Bases on Artificial Islands

    In an effort to bolster nationalism, the Chinese government has been aggressively engaging in territorial disputes with neighbors including Japan. China has been building islands on top of reefs in the South China Sea, reclaiming 2,000 acres of land. In …

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