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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 12, 2014
    Today – Set Up Your Next Double in 90 Seconds

    A big grin lit up my face when I opened my trading screens Monday.

    That’s because I was looking at the chart for our first “Human Augmentation” target, Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. (OTC:EKSO). It was trading at nearly $1.90 per share – close to a double from where it was at the time I initially released my “Unstoppable Trend” report on October 2, 2014.

    If you’ve been following along with that recommendation, I want to congratulate you on being savvy enough to follow along. And if you’re just joining us, the company is still a great buy. You, too, have plenty of room for a double.

    As the first stock profiled in our Human Augmentation trend, Ekso is making some really great moves of its own. We talked about those last week so I won’t repeat that here.

    But here is what’s really got me smiling…

    This gives us an opportunity to use my absolute favorite trading tactic.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 07, 2014
    Six Reasons I Couldn’t Be More Pleased by Our First EKSO Update

    One of the great things about Total Wealth is that we’re going to have the opportunity to revisit everything from our trends to our tactics and even the companies I recommend – beginning today.

    There’s a lot happening with Ekso Bionics Inc. (OTC:EKSO), our “Human Augmentation” frontrunner. And I’d like to bring you up to speed on the latest developments.

    First, the fact that a lot is happening is, in and of itself, a great thing.

    Over the years I’ve seen a lot of potentially great companies get off to a good start, but then fall flat because “nothing happened.” These companies don’t set out to fail; it’s just that they haven’t got the management, the funding, and, most importantly, the client base needed to succeed.

    Ekso, on the other hand, has all three, which means the company is moving forward.

    You’ve got to see what else they’ve been up to…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 29, 2014
    Why I Run “Ultimate Trailing Stops” on All My Investments

    You’ve spotted an unstoppable, trillion-dollar trend. You’ve identified the stock that’s set to benefit most and made a trade using the tactics that will squeeze the most profit out of it.

    Nicely done.

    Now it’s time for the final piece of the Total Wealth strategy.

    Mention the words “Risk Management” and most investors get a look that’s somewhere between “bored” and “terrified.” It’s not that they don’t want to control risk; they’re just not sure how and they don’t make it a priority.

    Yet the most direct path to building a fortune is not losing your money in the first place.

    All you really need is a handful of tools – which I’m going to walk you through one by one in the coming weeks – and the discipline to enforce them.

    One you’re probably already familiar with is a Trailing Stop. They’re usually automatic sell orders set at a specific % below the market price of the investment you hold or at some predetermined $ amount of risk on a given investment. While people typically think of Trailing Stops as downside protection, in fact, they can be used to lock in profits, too. That’s why I recommend using them on almost every investment.

    But few people use what I call “Ultimate Trailing Stops.”

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 24, 2014
    The Trend Every Nation on Earth Is Pouring Money Into

    When we began our time together here at Total Wealth, I promised you a deep look at each of the primary trillion-dollar trends. I told you that every dime made in the markets for the next 10 years would be on this list of trends.

    We jumped right in with Technology and our Human Augmentation target – the most inspirational tech company I’ve ever visited.

    Today, I want to keep that promise and focus in on our second unstoppable global trend.

    Sadly, given the state of the world these days, it could easily be the most unstoppable and profitable of all the trends we’re following.

    I say “sadly” because I’m talking about War, Terrorism, & Ugliness.

    Warfare… terrorism… disease… They’re all growth industries. It’s a natural effect of having more and more billions of people on this planet, greater interconnectedness, and greater access to travel, technology, weapons, and bad ideas.

    Just look at the tragic shootings in Ottawa, Canada, earlier this week. The rapid spread of Ebola across continents. More abductions in Nigeria. ISIS terrorism in the Middle East. It’s a scary world out there. It’s my sincere hope that everybody who’s reading this is safe – and your families and friends are too.

    Yet we’re not powerless.

    Many of the best investment opportunities – including the one I’m sharing with you today – are geared towards STOPPING these things and mitigating the pain, suffering, and loss of life. In fact, this $7/share, off-the-radar company is working to keep soldiers and civilians out of harm’s way as part of the most promising technological advancement in warfare I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    Whatever your feelings about war, there’s great satisfaction in making an investment that promotes the safety of the brave men and women who serve this country selflessly. I bet you’d agree.

    Here’s everything you need to know about the War, Terrorism, & Ugliness trend…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 08, 2014
    The One Investing Tactic You Should NEVER Use

    My mission and vision with Total Wealth is to help you uncover tremendous wealth-building opportunities through our six unstoppable trends, maximize your profits with the best trading tactics, and (perhaps most importantly) protect what you have.

    Today I want to keep that promise by talking about tactics.

    Many investors think they have this covered but, in reality, the savviest investors are always on the hunt to learn new tactics in the pursuit of profits. Like a chef who discovers new ingredients, they are constantly improving the “recipes” they use for success.

    Before we start, though, I need you to make me a promise: that you will NEVER use this one trading tactic we’re going to talk about today.

    Ironically, this is one tactic that comes naturally to all of us and a mainstay investment principle used by 99% of the population.

    But it undercuts everything else you do as an investor.

    Here’s the one tactic you can’t use…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 03, 2014
    Every Dollar You’ll Make in the Next 10 Years Is on This List

    Welcome to Total Wealth and thanks for being part of the family. I’m thrilled you’re a part of this.

    Today I’d like to focus on the central reason we’re spending time together – spotting and investing in unstoppable, global, trillion-dollar trends.

    For all the complicated stuff going on around us right now… ISIS, Ebola, the Hong Kong riots, central banking madness… the world is actually a pretty simple place when it comes to your money. And we’re going to navigate that together.

    I say that because, if you look through history, it becomes very clear that humanity has always been and will always be driven by the six key trends on this list.

    Of course, there are offshoots and micro-trends (like the Human Augmentation trend I covered in my report out yesterday). There are even counter-trends.

    But I believe every dollar you’ll make in the next 10 years comes back to one of these six things…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 02, 2014
    How to Tap into a $17 Billion Trend for just $1 a Share

    I just released my first Unstoppable Trend report, How to Tap into a $17 Billion Trend for Just $1 A Share. It’s exclusively for Total Wealth members, and I wanted to get it into your hands immediately. Follow the link at the bottom to download this never-before-seen report.

    And take notes…

    This trend carries some of the highest profit potential I’ve ever seen in 33 years in the markets – and almost nobody’s even aware of it yet. That’s why I’m so excited to reveal the one tiny company at the cutting-edge of this industry that could multiply early investors’ money 21x in the coming years.

    Yet as profitable as this technology will be, it’s just one of six Unstoppable Trends I’m tracking right now.

    Here’s some of what we’ll be exploring…

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 29, 2014
    Get Ready for Total Wealth

    Dear Total Wealth Reader, I just sent your exclusive special report, This Stock Could Make 420% Gains as America’s Presidential Battle Rages, to your email inbox. It should arrive in a few minutes, so keep an eye out for it. And …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Aug 20, 2014

    Q: What is Total Wealth? That’s the name of Keith Fitz-Gerald’s twice-weekly publication with the goal of helping you trade your way to vast wealth by identifying the big profit trends before the mainstream does, using the right tactics to …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 20, 2014
    Special Reports

    Boost Your Income with These Two Dividend Payers and Players On March 15, 2020, interest rates were cut to 0%. In the already yield-starved market, this is a devastating blow to the average investor. If you want to make a …

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  • Total Wealth Staff Mar 20, 2014

    Total Wealth: The One Strategy That Can Beat the Markets by 10x It took 33 years to perfect, and now – finally – Keith Fitz-Gerald is ready to open his proprietary investing strategy to the world. He needs to… Investors …

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