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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 26, 2020
    Five with Fitz: What You Need to Know to Protect AND Profit Despite the Coronavirus

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you that I would not only find and share the world’s best investment opportunities, but also give you behind the scenes information when it matters.

    Like now.

    I’ve been up for most of the night crunching numbers and talking with traders around the world in an attempt to figure out what happens next, and what that means for your money.

    The answers aren’t readily apparent.

    There’s some early buying in the overnight markets as I type, which is a good sign but, as always, the situation could be radically different by the time you read this.

    Everything I’ve been warning about for the past few weeks appears to be happening which means that it’s time to begin focusing on the flip side… what happens next.

    Here’s what you need to know to protect your money AND profit in the weeks ahead

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Feb 21, 2020
    How Lock in Big Winners with “Profit Collars”

    JoAnna B. pulled me aside sheepishly in Orlando at the World MoneyShow with a great question recently…

    …how do I protect big profits on big winners?

    Like many folks who’ve been following along in Total Wealth and our sister publication, Money Map Report, she’s sitting on some really terrific winners but doesn’t quite know how to protect the profits that go with ’em.

    It’s a fabulous problem and, frankly, one that more investors would love to have.

    Selling is one way to go… but not necessarily the best way to go.

    Let me explain.

    Selling takes you out of the game completely which means, plainly put, that you miss every penny of the profit potential that could be otherwise be yours, if prices go higher still from here.

    Which is why you want to stay “in to win” using simple tactics that can help lock in profits while also preserving your upside.

    “Profit Collars” can be an easy, powerful and elegant way to lock in profits if you fear a market reversal

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 22, 2020
    You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Get Rich in 2020

    New York, New York – I want to share a thought.

    The markets are flirting with new highs yet again and that’s got a lot of folks concerned that there’s nothing to buy, that every stock they hear about is already too expensive, that they can’t play the markets because they’re on a fixed income.

    I’d like you to pay close attention if you’re one of ’em.

    Investing doesn’t get any better than this.

    Let me explain (and prove it to you)

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 15, 2020
    Design YOUR Perfect Portfolio

    I’ve been waiting months to write today’s column.

      If you’re tired of being spoon-fed the same slop from mainstream financial media…

      If you’re fed up with being told about great stocks in the news rags that perform like a dead cat…

      If you’re tired of missing out on terrific profits everybody else but you seems to be making…

      If you’re looking to take your money and build an extraordinary future

    Then you will definitely want to hear what I have to say.

    The next five minutes (and your feedback) will help you build a better, more profitable 2020

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Jan 03, 2020
    90 Seconds Could Make or Break Your Profits This Year

    Welcome to 2020!

    I am thrilled you’re here and want to kick off this year with a bang!

    What I want to discuss today has the potential to significantly increase your profits… AND reduce your losses.

    All in less than 90 seconds.


    It’s one of the single most powerful Total Wealth Tactics of all. And, for that reason, the perfect way to kick off the New Year!


    90 Seconds Could Make or Break Your Profits

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 27, 2019
    How to Buy More Stock Without Spending More Money

    Many investors have convinced themselves that the bull market is over all, but in name only. They’re just looking for an excuse to sell and heading for the sidelines using even the slightest market drop as justification for their actions.

    I can’t think of a worse mistake, especially during a holiday week like this one.

    What they don’t realize is that there are all kinds of ways to hedge volatility these days.

    No investor need fear a bear market – let alone suffer the ravages of getting financially mauled.

    There are all kinds of ways to run flat or down markets to your advantage if you are properly prepared and have the right perspective along with a firm grasp on the right Total Wealth Tactics.

    So far we’ve talked about specific Total Wealth Tactics like LowBall Orders, which you can use to buy the stock you want at exactly the price you’re prepared to pay – ideally at a huge discount. We’ve also covered Position Sizing as a means of limiting risk before you place a trade, Trailing Stops to protect your capital once you’re “in” and Free Trades to help you maximize profits when it’s time to sell.

    Today, I want to introduce a new wrinkle.

    I want to show you how to buy more stock without spending more money…

    It’s a simple, easy-to-use tactic that’s ideally suited for current market conditions and one that, best of all, one that could lead to profits of 2,426% or more. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 into a jaw-dropping $252,600 if stay on “to the buzzer” – an old bull riding rodeo analogy meaning you stay on the bull’s back for the full 8-second ride.

    As always, I’ve got a few examples and stocks that can help you put what you learn today into action immediately

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 20, 2019
    The Perfect Strategy for Markets that are A Single Headline or Tweet Away from Disaster

    The markets seem determined to “melt-up” and, not surprisingly, many investors are worried about a year-end correction. Things seems just one tweet or headline away from disaster on a daily basis.

    In fact, I’m getting a lot of questions about that right now.

    Rightfully so.

    Last December was brutal with the S&P 500 falling 14.82% in only 24 days, and the Dow getting shellacked to the tune of 15.43% and 1,284.33 points over the same time frame. Damn near anybody who went bottom-fishing got separated from their money.

    Thing is… that didn’t have to happen!

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 06, 2019
    AI Update: This Could Change Everything

    I never thought in a million years that I’d be writing to you about artificial intelligence.

    The truth is, I’m just not that kind of guy… or at least, I’ve never thought about myself that way.

    My columns and the recommendations that go with ’em usually involve compelling stories, great analysis, and huge profit potential. Normally I thrive on discovering opportunities most investors can’t see, let alone imagine.

    Only, in this case, it’s my imagination that IS the story.

    The work I’m doing could literally change everything, at least when it comes to identifying big profit potential.

    Here’s the latest

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 04, 2019
    How to Play the Growing Retail Divide This Holiday Season

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you that I would cover the best trading tips, tactics, and techniques for today’s markets, including specific trading methods when headlines make the case for doing so.

    Today, I’m going to keep that promise with a trade based on a recent story in Fortune that caught my attention: Black Friday Weekend Will Deepen the Divide Between Retail’s Winners and Losers.

    We’ve talked about the retail “divide” in great depth many times both here in Total Wealth and in our paid sister-service, the Money Map Report, and I’ve characterized the on-going battle as “Amazon versus everybody else.” We also invested accordingly (and very successfully if you’re following along as directed I might add).

    Today’s trade, though, is about the “everybody else” in that phraseology. Not Amazon.

    This is important stuff because the retail “divide” that makes this trade work is going to create fortunes for savvy investors who understand the dynamic and – sadly – wreck more than a few portfolios for those who don’t.

    Obviously, I want you to be amongst the fortune-builders.

    Here’s how to line up big profit potential even if the markets turn

  • Total Wealth Staff Nov 30, 2019
    A Personal Thanksgiving Message from Keith Fitz-Gerald

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The world is a complicated place at the moment but there’s still a lot to be thankful for.

    Including some of what we’ve got coming in 2020!

    Total Wealth – thanks to YOU – is a great place to be

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 29, 2019
    Five Questions You NEED to Ask your Financial Advisor Right Now

    Turning your money into life-changing wealth requires planning… for both success and failure. It also requires competent counsel – meaning somebody who will act in your best interests.

    But, finding the right advisor is tough, especially now with the markets at new all time highs.

    The Internet is filled with stories of predatory sales practices, manipulative management stories, and just plain incompetence. Chances are good you know somebody who’s had a bad experience, just like I do.

    It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

    There are great advisors out there if you know how to find them and which questions to ask to make sure you’re on the right track for huge profits rather than devastating losses.

    Start with the following – even if you’re already working with somebody you trust

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 30, 2019
    Apple Pessimists Will HATE This Article

    I love pessimists.


    They help the rest of us make gobs of money, especially when it comes to a company like Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL).

    Shares are up 56% this year alone and on their way to another double.

    Just not for reasons you might think.

    Here’s what you need to know, and why there’s (barely) time to get on board.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 18, 2019
    The Problem with Investing and Self-Deception

    I had lunch with a friend of mine a while back in Venice – Italy – not Beach.

    On track to make “partner” at one of the big global investing powerhouses, he said he’s looking forward to making $3 million to $5 million a year. At which point, he’d be successful.

    “What would you do then?” I asked.

    He thought for a moment then answered, “Take a long trip to Italy.”

    Hmmmm, I thought to myself as I took in another slug of café.

    That’s what I was doing.

    One of the biggest problems with investing is how people view it

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Oct 02, 2019
    One Move to Make Any Investment Risk “Free” (and Build Profits Even Faster)

    There’s no way to eliminate risk 100% when it comes to investing.

    I can’t do it. You can’t do it. (And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, take your money and run.)

    There’s just no such thing.

    Yet, unbeknownst to most investors, there is a way to make any investment risk “free” under the right circumstances using one of my favorite Total Wealth Tactics: the “Free Trade.”

    Not only does this remove risk from your portfolio, but it means you can potentially build profits faster, more consistently, and more securely than you might think.

    Doing so is a critically important concept given current market conditions and a bull market that, as of yesterday is 3,117 days old and has run more than 324.12%+ off March 9, 2009 lows according to Yahoo!Finance using adjusted prices that reflect dividends and reinvestment.

    We’re long overdue for a correction… a correction, I might add, that YOU don’t have to fear if you understand what we’re going to talk about today.

    This is your moment of truth.

    You can read today’s column and bin it, or you can rethink what you know about what it takes to achieve the kind of life-altering profits that make the financial future of your dreams possible.

    Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll choose the latter.

  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Sep 20, 2019
    Three REAL Reasons Why Most Investors Fail (And How Not to Repeat Their Mistakes)

    I unknowingly struck a chord with last week’s Weekender when I addressed the surprisingly simple reason money makes people uncomfortable… that it’s not working as hard as you think it is.

    “You nailed it,” said Bryan.

    “Simple, understandable, and perspective I needed to hear,” remarked Janice.

    So, let’s go back to the proverbial well this week with a look at three surprising reasons why investors really fail. Then, we’ll talk about using a few of my favorite Total Wealth Tactics to ensure you don’t repeat their mistakes.

    And potentially make a mint, too.

    Let’s get started!

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