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Non-Obvious Advice If You Fear a Market Crash Around the Corner

I want to talk about something that’s on a lot of people’s minds at the moment – individuals and professional investors alike: the prospect of a market crash in the weeks ahead.

Surprisingly, many of the concerns are similar.

A crash IS possible and the reasons why range from the coronavirus to upcoming presidential elections to another terrorist attack.

But – and this is critically important …

Nobody knows for certain so don’t let that throw you or let it cloud your thinking. The markets go up and down with alarming regularity … that’s just how they work.

Whether a market crash is probable is what you really want to focus on.


Because it’s how you prepare ahead of time for the unknown that makes the difference.

I’ve got three simple steps that will help you “future-proof” your portfolio, practically no matter where the markets go next.

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What to Buy When There’s Blood in The Streets

There’s an old investing adage attributed to Baron Rothschild, an 18th century British noble…

…buy when there’s blood in the streets.

Originally an ode to contrarian investing, I think it applies right now in light of the coronavirus situation in China.

Today we’re going to talk about just why this adage applies, as well as the best buy I can find, under the circumstances.

It’s probably not a good decision if everyone agrees

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