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2019 Market Forecast Interview: Part II

WPIII: … Next we’re going to touch on a realm that I know – for a fact – you’ve been way ahead of the curve on… health technology.

KFG: Right, BP.

And the fact is… health tech is operating off a script very similar to the others we’ve described here. And the best opportunities will be those firms that remotely drive patient wellness with biotechnology or care. The global digital healthcare market will double by 2020, to roughly $206 billion, and virtual healthcare technology will drive the money move – regardless of the geographical relationship between patients and their doctors.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to avoid classic retailers, insurance companies, and more than a few household names poised to go the way of Sears, GE, or Kodak. Once public trust is shattered – for whatever reason – it’s very hard to get back, and I think that will pressure already tenuous margins even further.

WPIII: Before we get to some specific recommendations, let’s talk about the broader market

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2019 Market Forecast Interview: Part I

Most traders and market “experts” see gloomy times to come for U.S. stocks.

But not Keith Fitz-Gerald.

The Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist sees big opportunities for investors here in the New Year – thanks to a stock-market “thesis” I’ve seen nowhere else.

Keith’s identified three big catalysts for higher stock prices. And he’s created an easy-to-use “profile” to help him target the next big stock market winners – the kind of winners that can make folks rich.

Here’s an edited transcript of my talk with this down-in-the-trenches veteran of the global-investing boom

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