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Why Uber’s Self-Destruction Could Be an Opportunity

Uber has been one of the most disruptive companies to burst onto the global scene, but most recently it’s been plagued by lawsuits, political strife, and now the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick. With no leadership at the top, it’s clear that Uber is now a bug in search of a windshield. As Keith tells host Stuart Varney, whether Uber makes it or not, these events have just set the stage for a second-tier competitor to come in and dominate the scene. The real question now, is “Who’s going to fill Uber’s shoes?”

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Can Anything Stop These Markets?

The three major indexes opened higher this morning, continuing the market’s upward momentum and pushing the Dow to yet another all-time high. As Keith points out to the panel, “Don’t forget why the markets go higher… because people want to tap into growth, growth drives prices, prices drive earnings, and earnings drive your investments.” Get rid of the emotion, and it becomes a simple equation.

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