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The Other Side of Bad Is Good… for Stocks

If you’re worried about negative news stories tanking the stock market, you’ve got a lot of company.

Investors are worried about what virus spikes and more shutdowns, if not lockdowns, will do to stocks.

They’re worried that companies laying off workers by the thousands means their earnings are faltering.

Everyone’s worried what will happen to the market if there’s no “stimulus” bill passed this year.

They’re worried about a contested election and how markets will deal with that.

And investors are worried about what a reconstituted Congress might do to kill the bull market.

Me, I’m not worried because there’s another side to every coin and every negative story.

Here’s the heads-up on the other side of the bad news, and what’s good for the market.

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What a Contested Election Could Do to the Stock Market

Market analysts almost always use history as a guide when calculating likely stock market moves, especially when it comes to elections. This year’s no exception.

But, of all the historical references and metrics being incorporated this time around, there’s really only one that matters.

This election is going to be “contested” and only one other presidential election in modern era has been contested, and we know what the market did then.

Here’s why Tuesday’s debate almost guarantees a contested election, what the market did the last time the country waited to find out who their next president was going to be, and how you can profit handsomely by putting on an inexpensive option position to ride out the storm.

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