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The Bond Bogeyman is Here to Stay, but He’s Giving Us New Profit Opportunities

On Tuesday I warned you the bond bogeyman was coming (click here to read that article), and he threatened the life of the “everything rally” we’ve been enjoying recently.

Now he’s here to stay, and he’s bringing a new normal with him. The question now is, with bond investors feeling the pain of rapidly rising rates on the long end of the curve and stock investors feeling their pain and even more of their own, how long will this new normal last?

And the truth is, you don’t want to hear this. So, if you’re sensitive or risk-averse, close out this article now.

But for those of you brave enough to handle what’s coming – and take advantage of the profit opportunities the bogeyman’s brought along with him…

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This New Regulation Could Ruin Retail’s New Squeeze Play

On Monday, I talked about our latest endeavor, going where Total Wealth has never gone before.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to read up on what it means for you, go here. In short, we’re now following Seven Seismic Shifts – seven themes that will provide us with the greatest moneymaking opportunities the world’s ever seen. The themes are 1) pandemics, 2) politics, 3) environment, 4) taxation and regulation, 5) trading and investing, 6) Federal Reserve insanity, and 7) China.

In keeping with our themes, today, we’re going where no retail traders or investors, especially those who scored huge gains driving up GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) and other highly shorted stocks, want regulators to go – because it would ruin the new game they just learned to play.

Seismic Shift #5 is about changes in how we trade and invest, and nothing’s more seismic than regulatory changes.

And believe me, we’re going to get some new ones, maybe sooner than later…

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