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How to Protect Yourself AND Potentially Profit During Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence crashed into the Carolinas this past Thursday with heavy rain and winds rocking the coastal lowlands that were so much a part of my college summers.

The situation is clearly devastating and very dangerous to everyone involved, which is why I find myself thinking about – hoping – that the loss of life and property isn’t overwhelming.

Still, events like this can be “investable,” which is why I want to focus on a question from Ronald B. asking if there’s anything “we can do” to invest in the “wake” of storms like this one.

Yes – two things, actually.

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Some of the Best Ways to Profit When Volatility Rears Its Head

This week’s wild trading has many investors on edge and, as you might expect, I’ve received a blizzard of questions asking everything from “Will our financial system survive this” to simply “What do I do now?”

I’ll do my best to answer every single one of ’em, but for now let’s concentrate on a few of the most commonly asked (and important) ones.

Here’s what you need to know (and do) to bag big profits when volatility rears its head again.

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