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Is the Rally Over or Is Recent Selling Just Healthy Profit-Taking?

The stock market’s bounce off its March 23, 2020 lows turned into a rally, then into a bull market.

At least that’s what everyone saw happening until yesterday, when the Nasdaq Composite fell 5.27%, the S&P 500 fell 5.89%, The Dow Jones Industrials fell 6.9%, and the Russell 2000 fell a whopping 7.63%.

Is the rally over? Is the selling just some profit-taking? Or were we all head-faked into believing the worst is over as far as the stock market, the worst is over as far as the economy, and the worst is over as far as the pandemic?

The truth is out there.

But nothing is set in stone. If the pandemic comes back, the riots continue, or the President keeps tweeting, anything could happen.

The best way to protect yourself is to take concrete steps towards financial safety and economic security.

Thousands of Americans may think they’re set in the event of a crisis, not unlike the one we’re seeing now, but that frankly isn’t true. The truth is that a second downturn could absolutely ruin your financial future.

Unless you take the necessary precautions to prepare.

It’s nothing timely or complex – in fact, protecting your wealth can be one of the easiest things you do, if you follow these simple steps .

We’ve seen over $6 trillion evaporate in 2020 alone. Don’t lose any more cash and don’t let the effects of the coronavirus, or the seesawing market, take any more money out of your pocket (or your retirement fund, or your children’s college educations…)

Click here for more details on how to prepare for the worst.

You can protect yourself if you know what you’re up against, why our markets are hurting, and how you can make money against all odds.

Here’s how the market got to where it is, what just happened, what could happen, and how to play the market no matter what happens

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Coronavirus-Created Paradigm Shifts: How We Live, Work, Invest Is All Changing

The novel coronavirus isn’t new anymore, it’s everywhere and disrupting how we live, work, and invest.

Major paradigm shifts are already underway. Here’s how life as we know it is changing.

Major paradigm shifts are already underway. Here’s how life as we know it is changing

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