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3 Critical Moves Great Investors Are Making Right Now That Average Investors Won’t

Becoming a great investor is not easy – especially now.

You will get discouraged. You will want to give up. You will be scared by current market conditions, headlines, the coronavirus situation and more. You will fear missing out on the big rally that’s building (again)

Every investor faces this problem.

There will be days where making money seems like shooting fish in a proverbial barrel… or as impossible as finding a hen’s tooth.

There is a solution (and a great investment choice to go with it)

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Adventures in Quarantine (and the Stocks I’m Focused on as a Result)

You may have heard by now that my family and I are “enjoying” a self-imposed quarantine here in the Pacific Northwest because my wife and our oldest son have just returned from Japan.

We’re still only a few days into the suggested 14-day period, but there have already been a few surprises as you might imagine.

Some of which are actually good.

And, more importantly, potentially very profitable, too.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far

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