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This Tool Could Mean the Difference Between Bankruptcy and $13 Million When the Market Turns Again

Goldman Sachs is out with a report saying that the economic downturn will be four times worse than the Global Financial Crisis and that the U.S. will see a decline that could be “unprecedented.”

I know that’s hard to imagine, given the rally that’s underway as I type, but you’d be wise to prepare for the possibility.

The only thing standing between your portfolio and catastrophic loss is your own caution and proper risk management.

Even as you chase profits!

Today we’re going to talk about a simple, easy to use tool that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to adding tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars to your bottom line by avoiding portfolio-killing losses.

Here’s how you can control risk BEFORE there’s another reversal

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No Need to Rush – Do This Instead

Today I want to talk about something most investors misunderstand.

The need to move quickly during a crisis.

More people than you’d care to believe go off the proverbial rails because they do so without the benefit of long-term thinking and perspective.

That’s bad… not to mention very expensive when it comes to your money.

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