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Higher Minimum Wages Could Crater Your Portfolio – Unless You Own Companies Like This One

California legislators made headlines Monday when they passed a $15 per hour minimum wage that marks the largest deal to date in the national fight for higher working wages.

The thinking is that legions of poorly paid workers will be able to suddenly afford a higher standard of living and pay their way through life.

No doubt, that’s appealing.

Unfortunately, that’s also complete poppycock.

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Stop Doing This and Add Another 190% to Your Returns

I got an interesting letter from a reader the other day – Rogan – who wanted to thank me for consistently driving home the point that you must take emotion out of investing if you want to be successful.

“That’s made a huge difference not only in my investment returns but also in my life in general. If you don’t like something, don’t support it with your spending dollars… but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit off it with your investment dollars!”

And he’s right.

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