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Five of My Most “Outrageous” Profit Plays in 2017

Turns out, my seatmate on a flight home last week, is not only an avid Total Wealth reader but also a huge Varney & Co. fan and recognized me when we sat down next to each other.

We proceeded to have a terrific and very exciting conversation about the markets in general as we settled in for the nearly 6 hour flight. Then, he asked the one question I couldn’t resist answering any more than I could wait to share with you…

“Gimme five of the most outrageous opportunities you’re tracking in 2017.”

Here’s what I shared with Roger

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You Could Triple Your Money by NOT Doing This

The last eight weeks have been nothing short of exhilarating, with the Dow closing a mere 25 points away from 20,000 last week after 17 record closes and an 8% run that’s added an estimated $1.8 trillion to investors’ wallets.

“We’re running out of things that can trip us up,” noted Wunderlich Securities Chief Investment Strategist, Art Hogan in remarks made to CNBC.

Save one.

It’s critical that you get this “right” because the risks of being wrong couldn’t be more costly.

In fact…

You could more than triple your money with what I’m about to tell you.

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