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A “Historic” FDA Decision Could Mean Historic Gains… if You Move Now

Last week’s headlines were hectic, depressing and downright scary…

…which is why I’m thrilled to have something great to share with you today.

And that is?

An almost completely overlooked development in the fight against cancer.

It’s so important that it could mean a new lease on life for children and adults fighting blood cancers – more specifically, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Lost in last week’s chaos was the fact that pharmaceutical giant Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS) was granted FDA approval (following an incredible 10-0 unanimous vote from the agency’s advisory committee to recommend approval) for their leukemia drug, Kymriah.

What makes this so critical is that it’s the first treatment of its kind to receive such an approval to be used outside of clinical trials.

According to my good friend and colleague, and Money Morning’s Biotech Investing Specialist, Ernie Tremblay, “In early clinical trials at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), 27 kids out of 30 treated with [Kymriah] went into complete remission from their disease. Twenty-four months later, the majority of them were still leukemia free.”

The FDA itself called the decision a “historic action,” but I think it’s got the potential to be nothing short of a revolution in cancer immunotherapy.

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Two Top Candidates for Solid Returns

Keith was asked on air to name two stocks on his radar for their potential to deliver solid returns. One makes non-invasive medical technology that clocked 100 million uses last year. Another helps companies struggling in sectors that will be “right under Trump’s microscope.”

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