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If Hollywood Wants to Make a Movie, They Better Call Beijing

I’m traveling so I wanted to come to you visually, instead of in writing. I can get what I want to say quicker, and you can get to whatever you’re doing that much faster.

I used to joke that if the Fed wanted to make a move, they better call Beijing, because they buy a lot of our debt, and given how indebted our country is, that’s a critical call to make.

But you know what, lately, there’s a new wrinkle to this joke: if Hollywood wants to make a movie, they better call Beijing.

Because here’s the thing – there’s a little company over there that’s rapidly taking over Hollywood’s silver screens.

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Last Chance: The Top Four Stocks to Buy Before a Chinese Trade Deal Is Announced

Chinese stocks have been absolutely clobbered over the past year by nervous investors who fear the worst from Chinese trade talks.

I can’t think of a worse – or potentially more expensive – mistake.

A deal is imminent.

That means you want to plan for the best and, not to mention, all the profit potential you can handle.

The stocks I want to tell you about today have excellent fundamentals, terrific growth, and preferred status with China’s ruling elite. They are “global challengers” in the truest sense of the word.

Most importantly…

This could be your last chance to get on board…

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