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Forget the FANGs – The “Big A’s” Will Put Your Grandchildren Through College

FANG stocks were stocks you couldn’t afford NOT to own for years. There was, as we have discussed many times, simply no reason to leave ’em behind.

It’s a different story now, though.

Two of the four original FANG stocks are likely to fall precipitously next year if not fail outright within the next five years.

You’ve got to reshuffle the proverbial deck if you want to stay in the hunt for big profits. And, you want to start by investing in a group of very special companies that pay YOU to buy their stock.

I call ’em the “Big A’s.”

Most investors think they have this covered but let me tell you something … they’re deluding themselves.

The stocks I am about to share with you could return 5X the broader markets over the next five years. What’s more, they could account for more than 50% of all stock market gains in the next decade.

Let’s talk about them now.

The “Big A’s” are where you want to line up big profits

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Ignore Short-Term Traders When it Comes to Amazon

Amazon’s been drawing in short-term traders, but it’s just noise when it comes to this e-commerce giant. Plus, Keith weighs in on what’s happening with Intel.

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