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How to Play 2018’s First Big Tech IPO

Dropbox will “price” its Initial Public Offering – IPO for short – on Thursday and begin trading Friday if all goes according to plan. Reports are that the offering is “oversubscribed” – a Wall Street-speak term meaning that they’re hard to get – and that there’s a lot of “demand” for shares.

So why is it you shouldn’t touch ’em with a ten-foot pole?

Because Dropbox is going to be another company in a long line of “oversubscribed,” in “demand” public offerings that isn’t worth the paper its stock certificates are printed on.


Newly minted tech companies are a dime a dozen. As such, they have no place in an investor’s portfolio until after they’ve proven themselves with a quarter or two of numbers as a public company.

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Weekend Edition: The Only Company That Could Compete With Amazon

Online shopping sales reached record highs this year. The biggest retailers, Walmart, Target and Kohl’s, also broke records, but they are STILL not what I call, ‘Amazon-proof.’ There IS one company that may be able to compete. Click to watch…

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