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Why Some Earnings Are Rallying, While Others Are Falling Flat

Earnings reports are starting to roll in, and Keith Fitz-Gerald’s ready. On Varney & Co. Monday morning, Keith went into details:

“I think [tech earnings are] going to be very, very strong, much stronger than many people expect. Now, arguably, the bar is pretty low to begin with, but that doesn’t change the fact that these companies are doing very innovative things, changing the world we live in. And I think that is worth a lot of money to savvy investors.”

Earnings are all about two things: outlook and expectations. He’s repeatedly called out doom and gloomers, counseling that earnings will – yet again – be stronger than expected, giving the companies that come out on top a favorable boost.

Keith then had a chance to talk about a few other things, which ranged from China to Disney to Equifax

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The Best Two “Buys” if There’s Another Correction

Millions of investors make a very fundamental mistake in the pursuit of bigger returns.

They chase “hot stocks” when getting ahead of them is almost always a far better and far more profitable way to go.

I know that sounds obvious… but hear me out.

If you’re of a certain vintage like I am, chances are good that you grew up with the notion that waiting for pullbacks would give you an opening when it came to investing. You were taught to look for “confirmation” before you made you move.

Today’s markets don’t work like that any longer, though. Studies suggest that 60% – 90% of all trading activity is computerized which means that you can’t wait for trends to develop.

You have to be in ahead of time or you’ll miss a huge portion of moves that could make you a fortune. Adding insult to injury, being late to an investment or a trade means that the risks it’s going to turn against you are far higher than most people think.

So, how do you get around that problem?

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