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Double Your Money on the Fastest-Growing Defense Sector

[Editor’s Note] With the North Korean situation accelerating, Keith wants to make sure you don’t miss the best play in an already-hot defense sector. But this isn’t the only opportunity he has up his sleeve. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Money Map Report issue, where he’ll be revealing an undiscovered stock dominating the new age of cybersecurity.

Dear Total Wealth Investor,

In my conversations with contacts around the world, I keep hearing the same word come up to describe the threat America faces…


Most of the time, they’re referring to ISIS, which has thankfully been forced on the defensive as of late, but the term could apply equally to Russia, to North Korea and, yes, to China – all of which have made bits and bytes their weapon of choice.

Forget bombs, bullets, and brigades.

In the words of National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, “we need to assume there’s a cyber dimension in every area we deal with,” when it comes to evaluating national security threats today.

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How to Defend Your Money (Against North Korea)

He’s baaaaack…

Technically speaking, Kim Jung Un never left; he just started launching missiles.

Missiles capable of carrying miniaturized nuclear warheads, according to various sources.

Obviously, that’s a BIG problem.

So far the markets have taken this in stride, but traders finally let jitters get the best of them yesterday.

That’s why “safe-assets” like gold and the Swiss Franc rallied against the dollar as a result while the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq all fell.

As you might imagine, I’m getting lots of questions about what the brash young leader’s nuclear aspirations could mean for your money.

And, of course, how to play the situation for safety and profits.

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