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Lost in Translation – What Wall Street Can’t Tell You About the Chinese Trade Deal

Most Americans are preconditioned to hate China… which means their money is at risk when a deal happens.

And, yes.

It will happen.

Western media is exceptionally good at telling you who said what, but very rarely do they go beyond that – which means they miss the subtleties.

Not surprisingly, that’s usually where the real story is.

And where the real money gets made

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How to Profit From China’s #1 Trade War Target

I sure hope you’re following along as directed!

I’ve repeatedly identified The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) as particularly at risk of retaliatory trade tariffs, should President Trump press on with his wishes to hit China with $60+ billion in tariffs.

My reasoning was very simple and based on first-hand experience.

Unlike the United States and Europe, where politicians will bicker endlessly about the political merits of trade tariffs, free-trade, and economic policy, China will go right for the jugular by targeting our most valuable companies.

Starting, most likely, with Boeing.

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