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2017: Big Changes Will Produce Big Profits for Savvy Investors

[The First of Two Parts] – When I started Total Wealth, I told my publisher that I wanted plenty of “red meat” – meaning actionable information, insight and, of course, recommendations as opposed to the usual click-bait that runs rampant all over the Internet today and that you see in mainstream news rags. Anything less simply wouldn’t be acceptable.

Today I want to continue that vein of thought with a look ahead at 2017 and how I see profit plays related to each of the six Unstoppable Trends we follow developing.

As is often the case, these are opportunities other investors don’t see and simply cannot recognize ahead of time because they’re not part of the Total Wealth Family and they don’t have the advantages you do when it comes to analysis, trends, and tactics that can lead to huge profits.

So pull up a chair and grab a cup of your favorite libation…

…the profit potential is simply outrageous!

Here’s where to start.

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Here Are The Companies to Buy During All-Time Market Highs

With markets near all-time highs once more, millions of investors are wondering if it’s better to sit back and wait for an entry point. Keith appeared on CNBC World to put overvaluation fears in context.

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