Special Reports

5 Stocks to Buy Now to Double Your Money

If you’re looking to double your wealth, look no further. I’ve found the five most lucrative opportunities – excellent companies at the heart of their respective industries, tacking on hundreds of thousands, even as the stock markets become more and more unpredictable. Click here to see my picks.

The COVID-19 Impact on Economies, Markets, & Stocks: The Good, Bad, and Ugly Roadmap

The novel coronavirus, officially named COVID-19 by the WHO, is already affecting economies, markets, and stocks. What’s next could be good, bad, or ugly. Investors need a comprehensive roadmap to navigate each of the potential pathways the virus could take markets – because it’s going to take them down all three roads. Here’s what you need to know.

Boost Your Income with These Two Dividend Payers and Players

On March 15, 2020, interest rates were cut to 0%. In the already yield-starved market, this is a devastating blow to the average investor. If you want to make a meaningful return on your investment today without taking on a boatload of unnecessary risk, then you’re going to need to find alternative sources of income that can help you put your portfolio back on track. In this report, we’ll discuss one dividend “payer” and one dividend “player” that can help you boost your income during this trying time. Click here to learn more.

How and Why to Hedge When the Market Is in Freefall

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, market conditions are more uncertain than ever. And while buying may be the last thing on your mind right now, hedging your portfolio is the absolute smartest thing you can do to protect your money – and profit a little along the way. The following two strategies are by no means big “moneymakers,” but adding them to your portfolio will buffer your investments as we face a market bottom. Click here to check ’em out.

Five Tech Investments at the Forefront of the Silicon Valley Dividend Revolution

I talk to thousands of investors every week about the best and newest moneymaking strategies the markets have to offer. Whether those investors are already my subscribers, folks at conferences looking to gain an edge, or just my friends, family, and neighbors, almost all of them are focused on one thing. Growth. It’s scary putting your hard-earned money into a market like today’s… make no bones about it. I feel the angst sometimes, just as I’m sure you have. Among Wall Street computerization, rapidly growing leverage, and more money in volatility-creating ETFs than ever before, it’s more difficult than ever to find steady, stable, cold-hard cash. But, now, we’re actually seeing a pronounced shift to true dividend payers in Silicon Valley. And here’s what to do. Click here to view the full report.

Four Ways to Play Volatility for Major Profits

If you think that volatility kills your chance to make money in the markets, you’re wrong. Everything you’ve heard on TV and everything you’ve read about the stock market’s violent moves is wrong, for one simple reason. Hardly anyone realizes the truth, and the handful of people who do know aren’t honest about it. Shah Gilani is the only man to tell you what you aren’t going to hear or read anywhere else, because it’s time you know what’s really going on. Click here.

The “Technologization” of Media Is Making It the Stock Market’s Hottest Sector: And You Can Double Your Money with These Three Plays

Shah’s been talking about the “technologization” of the media sector” for ages now. And this was the latest manifestation. He’s also been talking about the “Amazonation” of retailing for several years now. And he’s predicting that this technology-driven “makeover” of the global media business will have an equally hefty impact – while at the same time creating the same big-time profit opportunities. Click here.

CEOs and Politics Are a Bad Mix: Why C-Suite Execs Should Keep Quiet on Issues That Don’t Affect the Bottom Line

Not everything Wall Street and Corporate America does wrong is corrupt. Often it’s just dumb – even when they’re trying to do the right thing. The growing trend of investing based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues has created a dangerous problem. That trend has started a new movement of CEOs advancing their personal positions on ESG issues, supposedly on shareholders’ behalves. Yes, that’s right – social-justice activism has entered the boardroom. And in this report, Shah’s telling you all about the current No. 1 example of dumb do-goodism – and what you can do to avoid it yourself. Click here.

The Decade’s Biggest Investing Trend Will Destroy Your Portfolio

The latest trend since the 2008 crash has been passive investing, which has poured staggering amounts of investors’ dollars into ETFs. While passive investing and ETFs may ­seem like a perfect match, the truth is much darker… In fact, the truth might just crash the markets. But there’s one surefire way to survive unscathed while everyone else tumbles down around you. Here’s how this popular investment vehicle will trigger the next market crash – and how you will survive

This Trade Is One of the Last Profitable Plays in the Dying Retail Sector

The retail sector is falling at breakneck speed, driven by ever-growing Internet retailers who cater to customers’ convenience. The world has changed, and there is little room for bricks-and-mortar establishments. But before you go shorting retailers left and right, there are a few things you should know. The truth is, there’s a ton of money to be made on retail stocks – if you know what you’re doing. Here’s everything you need to know about retail’s downfall, and how you can choose the right stocks to make serious profits

A Conspiracy of Greed: How to Beat Crony Capitalists at Their Own Game and Save the Middle Class

Ever wonder who’s responsible for the widening wealth gap in America? Or how the middle class across the country got hollowed out in a generation? It’s not a mystery; the people who are profiting from these devastating moves have been hiding in plain sight. But you deserve to know the truth… And how to play to win. Here’s who has the power, how to topple them from their thrones, and how to win big at the game you were never supposed to see