Total Wealth Research Syndication Guidlines

Welcome to the first step in boosting your traffic and customer fulfillment. Total Wealth Research takes an open approach to today’s content world. We believe that our content is some of the best financial writing in the world. Our team of writers and editors has predicted some of the biggest financial events of the last decade, including the credit crisis, the housing crisis, the gold boom, and many more.

We believe that when you syndicate our content, we both benefit. Please feel free to have a look around and syndicate any content you see fit. Also, please consult the guidelines below for the benefits and the “no-no’s.”

Republishing Rules:

  1. You may only use the articles available under an RSS feed delivery method, unless otherwise approved by contact with Bret Holmes or Kathryn O’Connell. 
  2. You must use a canonical URL
  3. You may not rewrite the headline of our articles.
  4. You must keep all links within our articles. 
  5. The Total Wealth Research author and publisher must be clearly displayed. This includes the Author Name, article title, and our website
  6. A link to the original Total Wealth Research article must be present in the by-line or at the end of the article. Please include “Total Wealth Research”, the article’s headline, or the article’s URL for the anchor text of the link.
  7. Please do not use the “No Follow” variable within the HREF.
  8. Please do not compromise any of the content by rewriting the article and republishing.
  9. Prior contact with Bret Holmes or Kathryn O’Connell to establish partnership and disclose any conversion purposes using our content.

We hope that you enjoy taking advantage of Total Wealth Research‘s syndication feature. Please feel free to contact Bret Holmes ( with any questions.



Mike Ward

Mike Ward
Publisher, Total Wealth Investor