What is Total Wealth?

Kat Martineau Jun 10, 2020

That’s the name of Shah Gilani’s three-times-a-week e-letter, where he shows you how Wall Street’s high-stakes game is really played – and how to win it.

As a member of Total Wealth, you’ll not only get the big picture according to Shah. You’ll also find out how to trade it for maximum gains. What’s more, you’ll get it all free of charge.

Total Wealth is a publication of Money Map Press, a world-renowned, 100% independent financial publisher. Our news, ideas, and recommendations will never be influenced by the mainstream media, politicians, or Wall Street. You can trust what we tell you, because we have no conflict of interest. We are completely dedicated to showing you the biggest trends, the tactics for trading them, and the tools you’ll need to build a lifetime of wealth in the markets. Our sole source of income is selling subscriptions to our paid newsletters and trading services.

You can access it either by visiting our website (totalwealth.com), or by signing up here to get each Total Wealth via email as soon as it’s published. Sign up for text message alerts here.

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