A New Asset Class That Could Be 10X Bigger Than Crypto

Shah Gilani | Dec 01, 2023

The crypto market has an image problem. Because there are thousands of cryptos available... and most of them are not worth the ones and zeros they're printed on... the crypto-curious have turned away from the sector. That's no good... because it's...

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Buy This, Not That: Betting Big on Blockchain

Shah Gilani | Nov 29, 2023

Bitcoin's had a big year. It's up 130% on the year... far outpacing the tech-heavy Nasdaq's nearly 40% gain. But I'm far more interested in what powers Bitcoin... The blockchain. Blockchain is the future... and it's already here. And it's going...

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    The stock market has some big momentum heading into the end of the year. We've seen four straight weeks of market gains... and the Nasdaq alone is up 10% in November. Will it be smooth sailing from here? Here's what I've got my eye on... and...

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  • The Greatest Moneymaking Invention Ever

    Plato said that necessity is the mother of invention. I can't argue with that... and I would say the necessity of finding better, easier, smarter and different ways of making money has spawned some of the greatest inventions ever. Having been a...

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