First Brexit, Now “Quitaly”

Keith Fitz-Gerald Nov 30, 2016

Last June I wrote to you with an urgent message ahead of the “Brexantrum” that wiped $3 trillion from the world’s balance sheets in the worst two-day selloff of all time.

Now it’s time to talk “Quitaly” – an event that could be 3X worse.

That’s what I’m calling Italy’s upcoming referendum on December 4 when millions of Italians are going to vote on what looks to be the most significant constitutional reforms since WWII ended.

What it means for your money may surprise you, especially when it comes to the profit potential I see being created when it happens.

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The Sector With the Most Upside In a Trump Presidency

Total Wealth Staff Nov 28, 2016

The “Trump Bump” is taking a breather this morning in major indices – but Keith sees an important story playing out elsewhere. The resilience of the Russell 2000 shows that certain smaller companies have the most upside from Trump’s agenda of tax reform and deregulation – but you can never rush into small-caps indiscriminately. Here’s how to isolate the biggest opportunities.

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