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That’s the name of Shah Gilani’s three-times-a-week e-letter, where he shows you how Wall Street’s high-stakes game is really played – and how to win it.

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Total Wealth is a publication of Money Map Press, a world-renowned, 100% independent financial publisher. Our news, ideas, and recommendations will never be influenced by the mainstream media, politicians, or Wall Street. You can trust what we tell you, because we have no conflict of interest. We are completely dedicated to showing you the biggest trends, the tactics for trading them, and the tools you’ll need to build a lifetime of wealth in the markets. Our sole source of income is selling subscriptions to our paid newsletters and trading services.

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Shah is one of our most prominent and respected investing “gurus” at Money Map Press – and for good reason.

He’s been “in the game” since 1982, when he launched his first hedge fund from his seat on the Chicago Board of Exchange; worked in the pit as a market maker; and refined his knowledge of the credit markets on the trading desk of Lloyds Bank in London. Shah is also a seasoned veteran of old-line New York and Boston investment banks and trading houses.

Shah studied economics and psychology at UCLA. He now lives in Miami, where he is a managing member of a private equity company.

There’s two sides to this coin:

First, Shah publishes his what he sees in the world market – where capital is flowing, what Wall Street’s major players are up to, and how you can profit. Occasionally, he’ll provide a scathing exposé – the likes of which only Shah can get away with – of crooked Washington politicians, of Wall Street’s shadiest dealers, or of the country’s most corrupt institutions.

Second, Shah covers the best trading tactics – tactics you’ve never heard about or haven’t quite figured out how to use just yet. You’ll learn how to create a lifetime of wealth, reach all your financial goals, and protect your money no matter what the market throws at you. He goes beyond traditional advice and gives you strategies that actually work.

Remember, Shah is a former Wall Street insider who decided to turn in his badge to the ultimate private money club and start working for the regular investor. He vows to be your “guy on the inside”, so that you can get in ahead of the market-movers and ride their moneymaking coattails straight to the top.

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Money Morning is our sister publication, another free e-letter delivered directly to your inbox every weekday morning. Just click here to check it out.

With dozens of regular contributors (including Shah) and special content, Money Morning offers a wider scope of financial news and analysis. The common thread of all these articles: “Only the news you can profit from.”

The Money Map Report: This monthly newsletter is the simplest way for investors to tap into all the world’s big high-profit trends – well ahead of the crowd. Each month, Shah and his team of investment specialists spend hundreds of hours uncovering the most profitable breakthroughs and opportunities on earth. No country or sector is off-limits. We go where the profits are now, whether that’s energy or technology, commodities or currencies, defense or biotech, Canada or China. For members, that means stocks and funds to buy “on sale”… regular income opportunities… world-class research and analysis… ongoing portfolio guidance… and special alerts when it’s time to sell. Shah always provides ultra-clear step-by-step instructions that help you continually harvest profits while limiting downside. Click here to learn more.

Hyperdrive Portfolio: For decades, Shah Gilani has been pulling the levers of power at some of the world’s top financial institutions. But what he’s best known for is his uncanny ability to make the wildest, most accurate predictions. From the death of retail and the rise of ecommerce, to the Alibaba dominating and Microsoft doubling, Shah has called it all from a mile away. And now, Shah’s turned his sights to a series of groundbreaking paradigm shifts occurring in everyday life, which he refers to as “hyperdrive events.” These Hyperdrive events follow massive changes in the way we work, live, and play. And as they begin to ripple and grow, billions upon billions of dollars move into their respective sectors. Of course, most investors don’t see this money moving until it’s too late. But with Shah on your side, you’ll know about these opportunities well before “the crowd.” You’ll also have the opportunity to grab profits left and right, utilizing a unique series of investment moves called “profit-stacking,” which enable you to squeeze as much profit potential as possible from each and every play Shah recommends. Click here to learn more.

Extreme Profit Hunters: We need to be blunt: Wall Street HATES the stocks we target in Extreme Profit Hunters. They’re blatantly ignored. The Street can’t make money from them, so they won’t say a word about them. But that’s what gives YOU an edge. Because these companies – under $5 per share – have the biggest profit potential. So if you know where to look and how to identify these companies, you’re practically entitled to the 10X, 50X, and rare and exceptional 100X these tiny companies can show. Click here to learn more.

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