Total Wealth:
The One Strategy That Can Beat the Markets by 10x

It took 33 years to perfect, and now – finally – Keith Fitz-Gerald is ready to open his proprietary investing strategy to the world.

He needs to…

Investors are missing out on half the returns we should be making every single year. Research by DALBAR shows the average investor made an annual return of 5.02% over the past 20 years – versus 9.22% for the S&P 500.

That’s a shame.

Yet there are a few investors who are able to not just match, but outperform the market, over and over.

And almost nobody has done this more consistently than Keith.

His 2007 picks returned an average gain of +27%, outperforming the S&P by a factor of 5x. In 2011, they roared 10x higher than the market. In 2008 – the worst year for the market in history – he held losses at -9%, versus a -37% drop in the S&P 500.

Now for the first time, Keith has taken what he’s learned over a notable career as a professional trader and market analyst, and distilled it down to just three steps for individual investors:

  • Spot the trends: Most investors are lucky to get in ahead of one or two really big trends in their investing careers. But Keith has proven you can do it over and over. He’s done it for Wall Street, institutional clients, and now he’s doing it for you. He’ll show you the six unstoppable trends that are changing the world and moving trillions of dollars.
  • Pick the trades: It’s not enough to know what the trends are. You’ve got to identify the little companies set up to benefit most and the trading tactics that will squeeze every last dollar of profit out of these trends – from lowball orders and averaging in to more sophisticated techniques, like options and shorting. Keith will show you what tactics are best-suited to max out the profit potential… and when it’s time to change them.
  • Build your fortune: To leverage these trades into a lifetime of wealth, you need a small arsenal of risk management tools: trailing stops, profit targets, hedges, and the right portfolio structure. Nobody does this better than Keith. He will walk you through every one of these tools, with real-life examples.

Absolutely any investor can put Keith’s Total Wealth system to work for himself or herself – especially with Keith showing you how to do it every week.

He’s doing it at no charge, too. Just click here to get all of his trends, tactics, and wealth-building reports as soon as they’re released. You’ll also get immediate access to the first big trend on his profit radar. It’s a niche technology subsector that few people understand and even fewer know how to invest in… and has the potential to be a $17 billion market in the next 48 months. He’ll walk you through the keys for investors, the right vehicle, the right trading tactics, and the right risk management steps.

Then follow along every week, as Keith rolls out the biggest trends and shows you how to trade them and build your own “total wealth.”