Manward Trading Academy

Manward Trading Academy

There are investors… and there are traders.

Buying shares of a stalwart company like Apple (AAPL) and collecting a 1,000% return over 10 years? That’s smart investing.

Picking up calls of a lesser-known drugmaker like Gilead Sciences (GILD) and bagging a 325% gain in two months? Now that’s good trading.

To secure your financial future, you need to be adept at both.

And yet… that’s far from the norm.

According to Pew Research, more than half of Americans are invested in the stock market – but it’s mainly through 401(k)s and other retirement plans.

Less than 15% of Americans invest directly in stocks.

Even fewer know a thing about how options work… how to create a stock screen… or how to limit their downside through the use of protective stops.

That’s precisely why we created the Manward Trading Academy – and why we make this powerful resource available to all Manward Financial Digest subscribers.

We’re constantly updating this premium archive of reports, tutorials and how-to videos. So whether you’ve been trading for years or you’re just getting started, you’re sure to find something below to improve your skills.

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