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Anthony Summers

Anthony Summers is the Director of Strategic Trading for Manward Press and is a contributor to Manward Financial Digest, Manward Trading Tactics and Manward Letter. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and a former senior analyst for The Oxford Club, where he closely worked with some of our nation’s sharpest financial minds for nearly a decade. He now brings his wealth of expertise and offbeat insights to the Manward team, where his thoughts are valued by over 70,000 readers worldwide.

Anthony is a self-styled “conservatively aggressive trader” and has earned a reputation for developing unique trading strategies that focus on low-risk, high-return opportunities in both stock and options markets. Above all, he is a devoted husband, soon-to-be father, and an unashamed man of faith.

Three Bright Spots in a Tough Market

Despite the market correction… these sectors are doing well…

An Economy Built on Quicksand

The Leading Economic Index gives us some insight into where the economy is headed. And things don’t look good.

A Bald-Faced Lie About the Economy

It’s no wonder you can’t trust the mainstream press… when dopes like Paul Krugman are posting bald-faced lies…

The Key to Big Stock Wins? Think Small

Today’s microcap or small cap companies could become tomorrow’s megacap behemoths. It pays to think small.

The Controversial Investing Strategy Billionaires Swear By

It flies in the face of two long-held investing beliefs… but if it’s good enough for Benjamin Graham, then it’s good enough for everyone.

Long Live Cash

Cash makes up more than one-sixth of the average portfolio’s holdings today. Is allocating that much to cash smart? Right now… yes.

This Ratio Tells Us When to Buy Silver

Is now a good time to buy gold or silver? This ratio holds the answer.

Cybersecurity’s Trillion-Dollar Gold Mine

Protecting and securing our data could turn into a nearly trillion-dollar global industry.

This Dynamic Duo Is Transforming the Tech Sector… and the World

Transformational breakthroughs are usually once-in-a-lifetime events. But in just over a decade, we’ve witnessed not one but TWO such breakthroughs.

America’s Debt Problem Is the Canary in the Coal Mine

We’ve become a nation that believes debt – public and private – doesn’t really matter. That’s wrong.