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The Next Six Months Will Be Critical For Your Money (And Snapchat)

Yesterday’s conversation during the ride home yesterday was about as damning an indictment of investment potential as I’ve ever heard…

Do you use branded filters?


What’s your favorite company?


Which of the highlighted stories do you read regularly?


Let me tell you why this conversation is so relevant to your money.

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The Real Reason Tesla Stock Keeps Going Up Has Nothing to Do with Cars

Tesla stock hit another new record high Monday… up a staggering 1,200% since the company went public in 2010.

Still, the bears can’t give up – not the least of whom is legendary hedge fund manager, David Einhorn, who roars that the stuck is in a bubble and on the verge of crashing.

I can’t blame him. I’d be bearish, too, if I were the “Mayor of Shortsville” and talking my own book… and if I thought Tesla was a car company.

Tesla’s got a secret.

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