The Best Company to Buy if You’re Nervous about Healthcare (and Privacy)

Keith Fitz-Gerald Dec 14, 2018

Healthcare is rapidly being “weaponized” against us.

“Eat that extra donut in the morning,” I quipped during a recent appearance on Fox Business Network, and “watch your health care premiums go up that afternoon.”

After the laughter died down and the chuckling stopped, things got serious.

The big story is that companies can have all the data they want, even if you’d rather they didn’t. And the regulators are totally complicit in making this happen.

Which means you’ve got to think about healthcare differently.

Especially when it comes to profits.

The Markets are Showing a Great Contrarian Sign – Here’s What to Do Now

Total Wealth Staff Dec 13, 2018

Keith’s been “bearish and ornery” about the markets over the past few weeks, and for good reason. Now, though, he’s seeing a classic contrarian signal that could lead savvy investors to big profits if they pay attention. Click here to watch.

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  • Three Ways to Handle a Market That’s Going Against You

    Man, oh man, what a week!

    Just when you thought it was safe to go “back the water” – or back in the markets again as the case may be – Tuesday’s trading hit… and then Thursday’s!

    It’s the financial version of a 1-2 Muhammad Ali combination, and the combined drop is now more than 1,500 points, as I write (on Thursday morning).

    Unlike most investors, however, we’re not surprised by the volatility. And we certainly won’t be surprised if there’s more selling ahead.

    That’s why I thought I’d touch on something critically important today.

    How to handle a market that’s going against expectations.

  • How to Hedge Against Another Big Down Day

    Wall Street would have you believe that the most effective way to hedge against unknown market risk is to diversify your portfolio.

    The theory is pretty elegant – or at least it’s supposed to be.

    Spread your money around, they say, and, in doing so, you’ll reduce your risk, because “everything can’t possibly go down at once.”

    Problem is… that’s a load of self-serving hooey.

    Today’s markets are more correlated than they’ve ever been, thanks to a witches’ brew of computerized trading, exchange-traded funds – ETF’s for short – and leverage.

    You’ve got to do something different if you want to get ahead.