Why A Correction’s Likely This Week or Next

Total Wealth Staff Jul 17, 2019

Keith Fitz-Gerald’s watching these things very closely. Hint: He’s not worried about earnings or the Fed.

Many investors are worried about the possibility of a correction, but Keith Fitz-Gerald isn’t one of ’em.

He explained why on Varney & Co. Monday morning as the market opened:

Why Facebook was Handed a $5 Billion “Warning”

Total Wealth Staff Jul 15, 2019

We’re looking at the FANG stocks this week, especially Facebook, who was saddled with a $5 billion fine for a privacy violation. That’s nothing but a drop in the hat for this tech giant – fact is, they’re probably laughing in the boardroom. Here’s what should have happened to the tech giant instead. Click here to watch.

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    People ask me frequently how I can confidently and accurately predict the markets, especially when they’re at new highs and fears of a correction run rampant.

    And, my answer is always the same.

    I don’t predict anything.

    I simply know something most investors don’t.

    And, today I’m going to let you in on the secret

  • Big SUVs Aren’t the Half of It When It Comes to Big Profits

    When I started Total Wealth, I promised you a look at the tips, tactics, and techniques needed to turn today’s headlines into profits. And we’ve done that very well over the years together.

    Today, though, I want to go a step deeper by calling your attention to a headline that caught mine early Monday morning, and what it really says about how to line up your next profitable play.

    You won’t find what I am about to say anywhere else, though.

    It’s simply too uncomfortable to talk about, so the mainstream media ignores the problem or – if they do talk about it – discusses what’s happening in highly hedged terms, so as not to be accused of fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, or being politically, socially, or economically incorrect.

    I don’t have that luxury.

    My job as Chief Investment Strategist is to help you identify the world’s best profit potential, even if it means talking about stuff we find challenging.

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