The Stock Sale Big Banks Can’t Touch

Shah Gilani | Sep 14, 2021

China is acting out, giving Wall Street analysts and big-time investors a scare – and I love it. Everyone is pulling out of the two companies I’m recommending to you today, marking them at a 50% off discount.

One Work from Home Stock Towers Above the Rest

Shah Gilani | Sep 13, 2021

The age of the cubicle has come to an end, for better or for worse.

Over the past few weeks, multiple business giants, including a favorite of mine Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), have declared that working from home is the new normal. Hundreds of thousands of employees, if they are able, are now indefinitely working from the comfort (or noisy discomfort) of their own homes.

That’s great for the companies, sure. Bit of a money saver, since they don’t have to keep the lights on back at corporate.

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