This IPO Will Be Your Bread and Butter at $40 a Share

Shah Gilani | Sep 27, 2021

Our first stop on today’s watchlist belongs in a league of investing that I predict will churn out 500,000 new millionaires by the end of the year.

I’m talking about initial public offerings, or IPOs. If you aren’t familiar, that’s when a company finally goes public, putting shares on the market for investors like us. It’s a great opportunity to get in at the bottom of a burgeoning company and ride all the way to the top as they grow.

Which is why I’m watching this company like a hawk. Toast Inc. (NYSE:TOST) operates a tech platform that streamlines all front and back of house work utilized by at least 40,000 restaurants in the U.S. and more abroad.

Gain 25-50% as this Pathetic Bank Pulls Itself Up by Its Bootstraps

Shah Gilani | Sep 24, 2021

Now, I want to make this plain: I hate this Swiss bank.

Its financials are abysmal, which is difficult to do for a bank.

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    There is a national issue at hand today that is staring you in the face every time you enter a grocery store: food prices are rising, and they won’t stop any time soon.

    I’ve addressed this a few times before, including a piece I wrote back in August that I still stand by today (you can read that here) that explores some of the reasons why food inflation is hitting us so hard.

    In the time since, food prices have hit new highs due to inflation. Over the past two years, food costs rose 16%, which is particularly noticeable in the meat and dairy aisle of your local grocery store. Beef, chicken, pork, fish, and eggs are all up in price.

    This is a major trend – one that I’m watching closely so I can pinpoint the best investments and strategies that you can use to counteract the attack on your wallet every time you buy food.

    This week, I’ve got a three-part action plan that, if my predictions are correct, could be the best plays on the market right now.