A New President, A New Congress, and New Stocks to Buy

Shah Gilani | Jan 21, 2021

As of 12 noon today, the United States of America has a new president and a new vice president. The country also has a new Congress.

That means it’s time to buy some new stocks.

Right now is a good time to take the long view of what a Biden presidency and Democrat-led Congress will change about America. And by change, I mean how much money will the new government spend, and on what?

If you want to make money in the market, you must follow the money…

The Big Spending Race is About to Begin… Here’s Where You Want to Be

Shah Gilani | Jan 18, 2021

The up and down sounds you’re hearing out of equity markets reminds me of what it sounds like when racecar drivers, positioned on the starting grid, rev their engines before the checkered flag is waved to start the race.

Investors know there’s a big spending race about to start with the Biden administration poised to unleash a torrent of cash on households, unemployment support, health initiatives, states and cities, and eventually on infrastructure and a Green New Deal. As such, they’re positioning themselves.

Here’s how you can do the same…

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  • How to Profit in a Democrat-Led Economy

    In hindsight, the market’s extraordinary rally on the heels of Donald Trump’s election was mostly unexpected, until investors realized they had to get on board or miss the bus. And they did – get on board, that is. And they kept coming and markets kept rising.

    This time around, investors are expecting markets to climb on the heels of a Democrat-led Congress and Executive Branch. And markets are already rising.

    The question a lot of analysts and investors are asking themselves is, will a Democrat-led economy crush the push markets got under a Republican presidency?

    My bet is they will.

    Here’s what that means for you and your money…

  • I’m Still Bullish As Ever… Here’s Why

    What a week it was – and I mean for markets.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite notched new record highs on Friday, and the Russell 2000 made its mark the day before.

    Last week’s message wasn’t so much “so what,” as it was “spend, spend, spend” because that’s what markets were focused on.

    The Democrat-controlled Senate, House, and Executive branch are expected to unleash a tsunami of spending that investors expect will include helicopter money dropped into Americans’ bank accounts, a lot of which will end up being moved into their brokerage accounts, spending on infrastructure, the environment, the economy… You name it, and there will be money thrown at it.

    That’s what drove markets higher last week. And there’s no reason they can’t keep on rising.

    Here’s what I mean…