The Bull Isn’t Done Yet and Here’s Why

Total Wealth Staff Aug 21, 2018

Keith points out that there are critical differences between today’s record-setting bull run and the era and what China’s got to do if it wants to demonstrate the responsibility needed to be a global leader. As always, big profits may come from what investors least expect. Click here to watch

S&P 3,100… by When??!!

Total Wealth Staff Aug 20, 2018

Keith makes an appearance on Varney & Co. before the markets open this morning with a bold prediction about how far this bull market could really go… and by when. He also speaks to a topic on millions of investors’ minds: Tesla Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA) and CEO Elon Musk’s meltdown. The stock is down another 6% in premarket trading, and now, to a point Keith makes, they face their “existential moment.” Click here to watch

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  • Hypersonic Profit Potential in the New $717 Billion Defense Bill

    Ever wish making money took… less money?

    Wish granted.

    President Trump just “greenlighted” the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act and a top line military budget of $717 billion… $616.9 for the Pentagon’s base budget, $69.0 billion for overseas contingency operations funding and a $21.9 billion for nuclear weapons.

    That’s the single largest investment in our military that I can recall. Not surprisingly, it’s also a massive investment opportunity that ties in neatly with one of the single most powerful Unstoppable Trends of our time: War, Terrorism and Ugliness.

    We’ve talked about this extensively over the years, but this is so important it merits repeating…

    … Lining up your money with defense spending will be one of the single most profitable moves you can make in your investing lifetime.

    … What’s more, doing so plays a huge part in the difference between an investment account that makes money like crazy, and one that falls flat. Or, even worse, one that goes negative.

    Case in point, defense-related companies I’ve recommended like Harris Corp. (NYSE:HRS) or Raytheon Co. (NYSE:RTN) have led readers in our paid sister services to remarkable profits of 100.81% and 205.19%, respectively… and counting!

    The logic is very simple and very compelling

  • The Bull Market Isn’t Over If the S&P 500 Hits a New Record High

    Without a doubt, the number one question I’m being asked right now is whether the stock market can continue to rise and if there are still good stocks to buy, even though everything is expensive.

    Talk about déjà vu!

    Just six months ago, many folks were asking the same question as the S&P 500 broke to new highs.

    Technically speaking, this is called breaking through “resistance” and – this is really important – this kind of price action typically signals a break to new highs and another bull market charge.

    Permabears, of course, just can’t wrap their minds around this but that’s okay with me. I’m perfectly happy to see you capture the profits they’re leaving on the table!

    Especially when it comes to the stocks I want to talk about today.