In the Midst of Election Uncertainty, I Have a Ton of Questions (and I Want to Hear Yours)

Shah Gilani Nov 04, 2020

Americans’ heads have been rolling since this morning.

Former V.P. Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump 248 electoral college votes to 214 votes, as of this morning’s latest count. It takes 270 votes to win.

Important “swing states” Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada hang in the balance as I write this, with races in those states too tight to call.

But not exactly.

In the past, candidates with even the slim leads each is showing in states this morning, would have been declared “winners.”

This time around, the more than 100 million mail-in and absentee ballots cast by mail are being counted after polling-both data’s been calculated.

And that’s a problem, though others are sure to arise.

I have a ton of questions I’m asking about the election process, and I’m sure you do, too.

I want to hear from you. What questions are on your minds for me? Make sure you leave comments in the comment box at the bottom of this article on the website. I’ll address them all in Monday’s issue.

Here’s what’s eating me this post-Election Day morning…

A Thousand and One Questions

Should mailed-in ballots be counted if they’re not postmarked by November 3, 2020?

What if postmarks are illegible, should they be counted?

How long after November 3 should States collect mailed-in ballots? Three days after, as Pennsylvania allows? Or nine days after, as North Carolina allows?

The U.S. Supreme Court a week ago allowed extra time for mail-in ballots to arrive in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, but iy rejected calls for a similar extension in Wisconsin.

In doing so, some justices signaled they would invalidate late-arriving ballots after the election pending an appeal by Pennsylvania Republicans challenging acceptance of late-filed ballots.

The court said it wouldn’t expedite that appeal for resolution before the election. But according to Bloomberg, “… in an opinion for three conservatives, Justice Samuel Alito raised the prospect of accepting the GOP appeal and hearing the case later, perhaps shortly after the election. The bid for review ‘remains before us, and if it is granted, the case can then be decided under a shortened schedule,’ he wrote.”

Should the Supreme Court have ruled one way or the other to allow ballot collections post-Election Day?

Is the Supreme Court inserting itself into the process unnecessarily, or necessarily?

If the election comes down to a Supreme Court decision, should newly appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett recuse herself?

Would a lopsided court decision favoring President Trump inflame political and societal divisions in the country? Would a questionable decision impair the court’s standing?

What might happen if a court decision favors Joe Biden and not Trump?

Is the problem mail-in ballots? Are States’ rights to fashion how balloting works a problem?

Is the problem the Electoral College? Is it a relic, or does it function as the Founding Fathers envisioned it should, and is it fair?

What else don’t we know about ballot-stuffing, voter suppression, or fraud?

How do we as a nation fix all these problems?

And those are just a few… I’ve got more questions, what about you? What are your questions for me? Leave your questions in the comment box below, and I’ll do my best to address them all in Monday’s Total Wealth.

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5 replies on “In the Midst of Election Uncertainty, I Have a Ton of Questions (and I Want to Hear Yours)”

  1. Steve S says:

    Is it possible to fill put a absentee ballot or a voting by mail ballot, AND vote in person, Why couldn’t someone request a “ vote by mail” ballot. Fill it out send in a couple days before election, AND vote in person? Or fill out someone elses mail in ballot, I heard if you didn’t receive your mail in ballot, you could request another, why couldn’t I fill out both and send em in?

  2. Tony Wright says:

    I heard that because mail in ballots are “First Class Mail” they do not have to be (and often are not) postmarked. If so this would be another nightmare contentious factor. Any comment?

  3. roger pewick says:

    For some reason it is believed inviolate that a voter be permitted to make his vote on election day. Making the distinction for mail in ballots, it follows that because of the time it takes the PO to deliver the mail then such time necessarily must be accorded for the mail (postmarked as late as election day) to be delivered after election day.

    This has everything backwards bonkers. For reasons such as security the mail in system must require the ballots be received prior to the polls closing in order for the ballot to be legally counted. It follows that the responsibility falls upon the voter to behave in such fashion to assure his ballot is received by the time the polls close, and, for the election officials to make absentee ballots available with sufficient time (and good advice) for the prudent voter to be successful.

    We ought not have reason to ask questions about this. It ought to be clear that it be such everywhere. But I can think of reasons (most of which make me ill) why it is not.

  4. Patty Dauer says:

    There are stories accumulating of very questionable election day and post election day actions. Aside from the importance of the actual election, we are essentially being asked to “believe” in the integrity of a large number of people in their roles of election officials. Whatever trust I did have is being badly shaken.

    Mail-in voting was always going to have problems, especially with the potential for any partisan to collect the “blank” ones (which were sent to EVERYONE) and fill them in fraudulently.

    I am glad we have individual states and processes that are more locally controlled; BUT it is past time to create a voting system that is more equal across state lines. Some states did very well in their processes. Every state and its citizens should have the same.

    Somehow we have to move beyond the bags and boxes of ballots arriving in the wee hours. Yes, we have massive fraud. And it needs to be addressed decisively.

  5. Jack Guasta says:

    Hi Shah, here are some questions I’d love to see answers to:

    – On what grounds did Nevada, Pennsylvania, et. al. make the decision to cease counting ballots following the election?

    – What’s the history on recounts and/or challenges in US elections? Have any overturned the original?

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