This Week on the BS.H: The Next Meme Stock on Reddit’s Hit List

Shah Gilani Jun 11, 2021

Reddit is still on the prowl for stocks to squeeze and I’ve spotted a prime candidate for their short list.

Varney & Co. didn’t dub me the “man who calls it all” for nothing. With 39% of its floating shares shorted… this stock is about to be taken for a ride and you’ll want to be on it.

But that’s not the only thing on the agenda in this week’s BS.H. I’ve got four buys for you today and a neat trick for those of you who want a little more security in the markets.

So get out a pen and click the video below to get started.



3 replies on “This Week on the BS.H: The Next Meme Stock on Reddit’s Hit List”

  1. tim says:

    Very informative

  2. Joe Garafolo says:

    Hi Shah : Best show on the air! Please comment on WESTPORT FUEL SYSTEMS (WPRT).
    Thanks, Joe (

  3. Jewell says:

    Also check IEP (Icahn Enterprises LP), I have yet to find any LP or MLP that yields as much (14+%/annual). Trades around the same price per unit as Coca-Cola shares, but pays almost 5X as much! I’ve run the numbers & as long as they continue to pay $8/share per yr, $25K invested now & reinvesting divs unless you need the cash would almost triple your money in 5-6 yrs.

    Another to look at is USAC (USA Compression Partners LP), trading around $16/share or unit, has a good distribution history, and is yielding around 13% annually.

    Another LP yielding over 10% annually is KNOP (KNOT Offshore Partners LP), trading just under $20/share right now.

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